Teh Renegade DianWei04
Aug 27, 07 7:47am
Hey...I was gone from Neo for a while and came back recently, don't know if I told you but ya since the last time I rember talking to you was that you were going to get shipped out to Iraq? And then it got postponed. I noticed you had a 360 Live account for a while and I recently got mine, but with no G.O.W. But I do have PGR3 and such so if you wanna play, add me ProductAznAKim

Teh Renegade
A.K.A CaoRen525
Celipink DianWei04
Jun 25, 07 5:20pm

Celipink DianWei04
Jun 20, 07 10:30pm

Arcanium DianWei04
Feb 04, 07 6:14am
Well...here is the stamp I for you enjoy.

BrokenKnights DianWei04
Jan 26, 07 9:47am

its been a while since ive done the whole stamp thing so i guess ill just serve up some justice league to those who deserve it.

have fun

Saint someone DianWei04
May 10, 06 4:41pm
Long time no talk bro, hope to see you around more.

Take care.
Dragons Call DianWei04
Mar 08, 06 1:27am
It's Marie! *SLAP!* How could you!? *SOB*

Anyway, I think I have a stamp... Uhh... Any second now...

For Mr. Gorilla;

Thunder General
kakusei DianWei04
Feb 28, 06 5:18am
Hey im going around signing every sexy member with ma uber sexy homemade stamp.

There ya go you cheeky lil noobeh
K1 Kool Fresh DianWei04
Feb 17, 06 8:32am

tom111 DianWei04
Jan 15, 06 1:14am
For signing my GB sorry it's taken so long to sign back. So here ya go:

And nice GB welcome picture. ^.^
Dark Link DianWei04
Jan 02, 06 9:00pm
Thnx for ur randon signing, lucky me XD
Anyway, now I'm just signing back. See ya around sometime.

Take care,
Al Capone DianWei04
Dec 30, 05 3:53am
thanks for signing my G-Book, nice stamp too

anyway only fair to sign back right...lol

later man, cya around the forums
Mario Menace DianWei04
Dec 30, 05 1:07am
Weird stamp you gave, heres one weird stamp right back lol, I win^_^

HEY! feel lucky. yours is the only book to get this confusing and strange stamp!:suikasmile:
Chobi DianWei04
Dec 15, 05 7:47am
Thank you for being so supportive of me! You've been a great friend so far. I hope we'll be able to talk more in the future.

triforceofwisdom DianWei04
Dec 11, 05 3:00am
A nice choice of pictures... Heh. *drools*

Well, yes. I am signing. Yippee!

Chobi DianWei04
Dec 08, 05 1:06am
±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
DenniseA DianWei04
Oct 15, 05 2:04am
Stampy!! ^-^

Random Signing ^-^

Sign back if you have the time =)

Ling Tongs Master DianWei04
Oct 05, 05 5:14pm
pleese sighn my guest book pleese and i sighned urs u sighn myne

and to finish of my 125 characters fsanijsdghfjkchbsi hbvjhsdgfhcb si gdbsh cysxbfhdsitcgkjsghu8fdidhsfjiyhyyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
joe the legend DianWei04
Sep 17, 05 6:48pm
joe the legend. i dont know what else to say..... i do have a question. is that really u in that pic? if it is u are so damn hot. if not.... she is still so damn hot.
swordcollector DianWei04
Sep 07, 05 6:18am
Whoa, shoulda done this sooner. Anyway, thanks for signing my guestbook, in return I'm signing yours. Currently I don't have a stamp so once I get one I'll probably sign this again but for the meantime.


The_Sleeping_Dragon DianWei04
Sep 04, 05 1:39am
Well i know you from the DW5 fourm and i love the banner for it you made, DianWei is a cool character he was the first person i ever played.

SavageFrappuccino DianWei04
Aug 10, 05 5:48pm
I have no stamp to stamp you with. So I'm here to tell you that if I had a stamp, you would be stamped. But I have no stamp. So you are left stampless. I am sorry. -_-
Jenius DianWei04
Aug 01, 05 9:02pm

i think it's time to sign it, see you in the DW forums.
TVI DianWei04
Jul 31, 05 5:28pm
I'm just returning the favour of the random signing. Keep up the good posting, and post in PES4/PES5 as well! It would bring us all great joy...

PS Did I make her happy?
Janembuu DianWei04
Jul 18, 05 10:23pm

I'm returning the favor. Random signing is cool! Stay cool!