You may not know me, I may not know you
It me princeofice, from The HellFire clan.
I might as well sign your GB

Happy Birthday
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year DM11:

Your friend
Hey man, It's Brolynick.
Nothing to do, so decided to write in your Guestbook.
We got a great thing going in the Diamond/Pearl roleplay

I dont have any stamps so i will make one up myself...i hope it's ANY good

(>^.^)> Stamped by Brolynick, to DiamondMaster11 <(^.^<)

Cya, take care

I aint got no Anti-Racism Stamp ATM. but you can:

yo how are you good me good cooll icon yes yes just talking ummm do you have a sig at all if you tell me nice talking with you see you later

Feel proud, this doesnt happen often no seriously, this is THE first guestbook ive ever signed. Now you can really be proud.
Hey, its me Brolynick from the rp

Just decided to sign your guestbook, and to say you're a great Roleplayer

I dont got any stamps or something but i can give u my own made...

(>^.^)> Stamped by Brolynick <(^.^<)
We're RPing GOOOD, my friend. You're a good friend. You're a tub of fun and I like you a lot. Thanks for the signing. Good job in the RP and you're doing good. See you soon.
Well I was bored and clicking random signature links and Here i am. This is actually kind of a special signing, this is the first guestbook I have signed from my wii
I saw that you signed my guestbook, love the stamp. It's funny. And, uh..Thanks. You know, you've been on my friends list since you made me that Cyntaquil avvie.
i am signing your guestbook and i need to have a least 125 characters so anyway your cool ok can you make me a stamp anyway i take on any battles if you wanna battle me

Darkness is everywhere. and nice stamp
Yours by,

hey Lucario owns. sign back.

Thanks 4 signing

heres mine

well thought i would sing it for you plus i have nothing better to do at the minute i'm actually just curious about somthing that will take 1 second
i didnt even know you existed til labout 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for signing!

and your welcome for the help!

Diamond was my very first friend on Neo and now were great buddies!! We hang out alot and have a great time!

I hope we stay good friends for a LONG time!

thanks so much for it! a month on neo and i finally have it. ok well, this has to be 125 charactors long...


i checked out your profile, i didnt know that monkey butt has a name. but then again mine is jacob not telling.

anyway i met it. i just wanted to tell you how thankful i am! wish lucario would win.....

Se its simple, you just cant handle the
Hey, I haven't seen you around too many places, but I reckon you stick around the pkmn forums. See you around Neo!

This sign was brought to you by,
LOL lucario wont get angy anymore, but he might get angry at:

MUAHAHAHA Fear the fatty

Thanks for signing my guestbook!

Your a cool person and I hope to get to know you better.

I dont even know what you said in the thread but whatever....I know im better then pokedog though cuz I use photoshop and he uses paint.I could make oyu a way better one then pokedog can ever make.
hey, thanks for signing my guestbook
i'm glad you like the stamp i made you
oh and i love your team, it looks really good
i have to make myself a stamp soon