Diamond Ice wuz here!
wishes you a Merry Chrismas!!!
After watching a series of YouTube videos by a guy called chugaconroy, I totally want this game. PaperMario N64
is bored out of his mind. =(
Just the perfect balance between boredom and action; simplicity and complexity. You'll never go back to any other handheld after this... NintendoDSHardware DS
Not my favorite stage in GameBoy's evolution through time. My GBA now you can't see through the screen and my GBA-SP fell in a toilet.... GameboyAdvanceHardware GBA
My favorite hand-held system of its time. Perfect size, great quality, and color! Oh, the memories... GameboyColor GBC
My absolute favorite hardware; past, present, and future. Although I don't play it much now, it was the main console of my home for... GameCubeHardware GC
An awesome console. It plays GCN games, and the Vitual Console never fails to impress. WiiHardware Wii
I really only use this game as a way to store the Pokemon I don't want in my PC. But it's still kinda fun to play with every once in a... MyPokemonRanch Wii
This game is the same exact thing as RCT3 Platinum, just void of animals and a few attractions. If you can't get the on above, get this... RollerCoasterTycoon3Gold PC
This game is not as good as you think, but if you search it on YouTube, this game is godly in all aspects. Get it NOW! RollerCoasterTycoon3Platinum PC
This is the RCT game that I started out with. Although its graphics were a poor 2-D, it's a good way to get the hang of the RCT gaming... RollerCoasterTycoon2 PC
W00t! Finally, a Monopoly game that doesn't last three straight days! I don't care if you can't stand Monopoly; buy it or else! Monopoly PS2
I liked playing Paper Mario when I was a little younger, so my sisters got me this for chrsitmas. Little to any of our knowledge, it... SuperPaperMario Wii
Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon is monumentously awesome. Even if you hated the movie, you'll love this game. TreasurePlanet
Although I never owned this game, I still annihalated the Story Mode at the Holiday Inn I was staying at... XD PokemonSnap N64
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