You've been stamped, aren't you a lucky girl. =]
Hey Luke, we've had some awesome XBox encounters and a tonne of jokes in them. So here you deserve a stamp.

In my eyes you will always suck at every XBox game you play. =D


My longest neo friend. I think.

Have my newest stamp.

You got ze Pikachu one!
My friendlings are getting stamped! Go you!
Signing because you are a coolio friend! 8D

I made a new stamp, its fluffy! 8D
Anyway, see you around the forums, or PM me for a chat if your bored! =D

You can only dream my friend, Spurs are crap

Now to waste space... Still wasting space.. And still wasting space..
Well, it is gunna so yeah!

Its offical too that Sonic will be in there!

Dunno why im telling you this =D

Its fun!

So, anyway.... sign back when you can.


Yeah thats right, the medal of kindness, its for you because you are such a fanatic Team Rater! Its freaking ugly but dont whine i spent 5 mins to make this.
You are like in the clan.
soooo. How you doing?
I can supply you with some grade a shroomish....
I live to serve. If i didnt, then i wouldnt be signing this LOLOLOLOLOLOL (The lols are because of the 125 minimum length )
You Ripped off my name!! Anyway, here's a stamp.

Sign Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!