Eight classes, several hats, and 119 updates later, the Engineer class is finally getting his much-awaited update...

Defeated Red in HG on 29th March, 2010
My first third gen pokemon game. It was hard beating Stevens Metagross with the grass-starter evoution Sceptile. Another great game. PokemonRuby GBA
A storage system. Pretty good for the price. And the Jirachi. PokemonPinballRubyandSapphire GBA
This game isn't out in the UK yet, But I've pre-ordered from Play! :D It'll hopefully come before Friday... PokemonHeartGoldVersion DS
's Twitter: @ShortSword
Twitter: @ShortSword
Yet another great Monster hunter game, and an expansion of MHF2. MonsterHunterFreedomUnite PSP
It's an alright game. Not the best 1.5 game, not the worst. TeamFortressClassic PC
This is an AWESOME game, if you have Steam, I suggest you go get your credit card out of your wallet, and play whatever the price is for... TeamFortress2 PC
Awesome game, focused on co-op. The new modes are good. Survival is alright. Versus is the BEST zombie game multiplayer I have ever... Left4Dead PC
Finally got it, completed it... almost. Awesome game, lots of replay ability. it's just awesome, like any other Pokémon... PokemonPlatinumVersion DS
Great game. Completed it about 4 times. Still not got all the gold ship peices. TheLegendOfZeldaPhantomHourglass DS

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