My number one, uno, une favorite game of the Mario Series. Just finished it finally. I loved it. SuperMario64DS DS
Hardly played. Gave it to the kids to play with. SonicRush DS
I am going to say that for the little while I played, it prepared me for the potential complexity of Pokemon. RuneFactory2AFantasyHarvestMoon DS
My second favorite Mario game for the DS. What's not to like? NewSuperMarioBros DS
Super good time playing it. A little limited, but fun to play. Good passing-of-the-time in the doctor's waiting room game. MarioKartDS DS
All I have to say is that it might be a Greatest Hits game, but I am a woman, and it doesn't appeal to me at all. GodOfWarChainsOfOlympus PSP
You's a little...bubblegummy. But, now that I am playing Pokemon, I guess I can't say that anymore. Ha. MagicalStarsign DS
Sitting unplayed, just being a part of my collection. FinalFantasy5Advance GBA
Sooo pumped to play this game on my big screen TV. FinalFantasyTacticsTheWarOfTheLions PSP
Unplayed. Buddy bothers me...Cecil. I like dragoons normally, but they aren't my favorite. Actually, ATB isn't my favorite. FinalFantasy4 PSX
Awaiting to be played by me. Thank you D.P.O. FinalFantasy1and2DawnOfSouls GBA
Summoning Espers. Very interesting game. I want to play the PS2 version though. FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings DS
I bought a PSP 2000 just to play this game. I don't get materia fusion, but I will. Watch out Minerva! CrisisCoreFinalFantasy7 PSP
Ah...D.P.O and I had some good times unlocking the onion knight in this game. Thanks to Neoseeker FinalFantasy3 iPhone
Because I love FFT2 so much, I can't wait to play this one. FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
LOVE LOVE LOVE this awesome game. I want more. I need more tactics!!! FinalFantasyTacticsA2GrimoireOfTheRift DS
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