I just got on for the first time in years, so
I thought I'd stop by.
Since you're a memebr of the RE4 forum, my mistress, Memory of Eileen (a lovely thing she is, too) has commanded me to sign your guestbook! Aren't you lucky?

The above is what my super-special-awesome-sexy mistress has done to you. If you're lucky, she might even talk to you, and then you shall know my joy.

Have a nice day.
DID YOU THINK I FORGOT?! Nope! I didn't! I hope no one stole you or else! Your STILL my Grasshopper! No matter what anyone else says!

But, your also my awesome friend.

Happy St. Patricks Day! c_C;; I'm just stamping people I know because I haven't signed anyone's guestbook in FOREVER.
Hey, what's up. It's been a while since I wrote on your guestbook, so I decided to do it again. And now the moment you've been waited for the stamp!

Oh and for our little discussion...here's this too!

(You should listen to him...he knows everything.)

Well, bye for now!

Piro Leetusagi

hey dude wanna be neofriends i forget where i saw u but hope 2 see u there
Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy the festive season of giving, and enjoy my mediocre stamp and my unpersonalized message!

Good luck, in your Holiday enjoyment!
Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

It seems that I have stamped your GB back in 2004, with my first signing spree. x3

And I remember you PMing me as well. x3

So let's be Neofriends! Seeing that we're both enjoying the wait (oO...) for Tales of Legendia, and we also seem to have common neofriends. ^-^

So... brace yourself!

to get
Stampy!! ^-^

Random Signing ^-^

Sign back if you have the time =)

It's your birthday today, right?

Your avatar is almost done.

I hope you have a great birthday!
Thanks for playing "Name That Quote"! In return, I'm just gonna fill your GB with random stamps. Hope you're okay with that. The winner gets some special prizes (one of which being more stamps), so do your best!

I would like to sign your Guest book again, I have decided to come back to Neoseeker... again... hopefully, I will stay here this time.

I have made a new stamp for my guest book signing, I hope you like it.

Thank you for your time. -Bakudon Storm
Oy, I hope I spelt Dropping right. xD Droping.. But. Anyways, Haven't seen you in a looooong time. I remember when I made your fist banner.
Sorry I've slipped away from Neoseeker. I don't own many games, so I haven't much to chat about. SA2B forum is really slow too.

I'd make banners for people in other forums..But they seem like they have their own peoples there. ;x

Haha.. Well, I miss talking to you.
Hope your doing well~
I remember the first time I was around here, I used to type very n00bish. I am very surprised people actually talked to me, and were nice. XD I frown about people who use 'u' and ..such. D;
I'm such a grammar nazi now.
Eh I should 'wrap' it up now. But I promise I'll stop by a little more often! And..Wow! you have so many guest book signings. D: I have very few. Heh. ^^

Baiiiii for now~


Love you tons =3
Hope you like the stamp
~Your neo sis..Antonia
Happy Arbor Day. Enjoy it... It's my favorite obscure holiday! Feel bestowed with my stamps. Thanks!

From the false vegetable,
Happy Earth DAy, DC. Thanks for helping me with ToS and all that crap. Well, It is Earth DAy after all, so here's Leaky, nd his holiday message!

Keeping Zelos away from the ladies,
This is a late signing for everyone who signed my guestbook from the time I left, and up to now =) And for uhm... neofriends xDD

Love Chronicle - Changin' My Life ( Performed in Full Moon wo Sagashite)

Naze darou koi no shikata sae sukkari wasureteta
Deai wa itsuka kuru wakare no hajinari to
Itsu no ma ni ka kimetsuketeita

Yogoreta suniikaa no
Hadoketa himo musunde kureta
Hani kamu anata no egao
Asahi wo abite
Tokimeita kyuu ni

Ai saretai kara
Aishitai wake jyanai
ai suru
Yuuki wo kureta ne

Kore kara no tabi ni
Futari ima
Chikau yo
Nani ga atte mo
Kono te hanasanai



Why is it that I've completely forgotten how to love?
We will meet someday... and then go our separate ways again..
Just don't know when it's going to happen.

Whenever the shoelaces on my dirty sneakers came loose...
... you were the one who tied them for me.
That shy smile of yours shines in the morning light.
Suddenly, my heart races...

Just because I wanted to be loved... doesn't mean I want to love..
Give me the courage to love honestly.
I'm going on a journey now. Let the two of us make a vow..
No matter what happens, this hand won't let go.


Ahahaha, love that song *Hearts it* That's right, that's right... who did the translations? I DID *laughs in your face* >_>;; <_<;;

Oh, BTW, if you haven't, you should watch Full Moon wo Sagashite *Advertisement* =3

Love always,
...the signing it is too much...ERROR ERROR self-destruct


(to think if you would have just put in the instructions then special people like me would have never ended up going boom tisk tisk... shame...) but still have a Happy Easter!
Hey DevilChao!

Thanks for the tips on ToS and for being a great friend and stuff. *hugs*

Take care!
I don't remember if I signed your guestbook or not...well i'm signing anyway...soooo...sign back
...if you can

Sorry it's a little late...I was REALLY busy and ran out of time.

I hope you had a great one.

DC we haven't talked in AGES
I miss talking to you ;-;

Love ya tons ^^
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you have a good one. XD
Well, here's my stamp: ^^

Take care!

Hey there.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentines day (I dont care if its early)! I am signing all my neofriends guestbooks and guezz what! Your one of them! once again happy valentines day.

Here is the special Valentines Stamp for my friends: