Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is filled with love, hugs, kisses, and candy! ^-^


I made a new stamp and decided to stamp your guestbook. ;] Thanks for the Chuck Norris birthday cake. xD

Name's Rocker here on neo. Seen you hanging around the FFVIII forum so thought I give your guestbook a signing.

Zell rocks! At least I think so. See you around the forum.
It's quite tough to believe that you made over 1,800 posts without starting a thread even once.

Dude, don't be afraid to start a thread. Why don't you want to?

Anyway, I hope to see you soon! xD

Yo, I hope you read this in time for it to have some meaning?

What's up with you up and leaving like that? Dude, call me or get online so I can make some sense of this. I'm sending this in a PM too.
I saw you in the General Final Fantasy Thread and I'm on a bit of a signing spree and your a victim..Also, thanks for the compliment on the name, hes my favorite villian..And I don't think FF X-2 should bear the name Final Fantasy Either, its an embarrassment to mankind.

Your arguments about Seyour and Sephiroth were good, sorry if i got on your nerves. Right now im just going around signing guestbooks. I dont know what a stamp is so sorry.
thankyou for the help with my homework

heres my stamp
hope ya like it.
anyways thankyou for the help
hey hey. you dont know me so you probably just think i'm wierd *shrug* i just enjoy signing random guestbooks hehehehhehehe here, have a stamp of sorts