Lovedove Destruct0
Feb 14, 09 8:15pm

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is filled with love, hugs, kisses, and candy! ^-^

carous Elambra Destruct0
Dec 23, 08 5:52pm

Lovedove Destruct0
Nov 7, 08 5:49am

I made a new stamp and decided to stamp your guestbook. ;] Thanks for the Chuck Norris birthday cake. xD

xxxRockerxxx Destruct0
Sep 10, 08 9:44pm
Name's Rocker here on neo. Seen you hanging around the FFVIII forum so thought I give your guestbook a signing.

Zell rocks! At least I think so. See you around the forum.
Snow Ball Destruct0
Oct 14, 07 10:24pm
It's quite tough to believe that you made over 1,800 posts without starting a thread even once.

Dude, don't be afraid to start a thread. Why don't you want to?

Anyway, I hope to see you soon! xD

OmegaResistance Destruct0
Sep 28, 07 3:16am
Yo, I hope you read this in time for it to have some meaning?

What's up with you up and leaving like that? Dude, call me or get online so I can make some sense of this. I'm sending this in a PM too.
EXDEATH Destruct0
Apr 27, 07 2:04am
I saw you in the General Final Fantasy Thread and I'm on a bit of a signing spree and your a victim..Also, thanks for the compliment on the name, hes my favorite villian..And I don't think FF X-2 should bear the name Final Fantasy Either, its an embarrassment to mankind.

ShadowDragon17 Destruct0
Mar 2, 07 8:22pm
Your arguments about Seyour and Sephiroth were good, sorry if i got on your nerves. Right now im just going around signing guestbooks. I dont know what a stamp is so sorry.
elmonmates Destruct0
Mar 2, 07 8:02pm
thankyou for the help with my homework

heres my stamp
hope ya like it.
anyways thankyou for the help
Balambgirl Destruct0
Jan 22, 07 10:27pm
hey hey. you dont know me so you probably just think i'm wierd *shrug* i just enjoy signing random guestbooks hehehehhehehe here, have a stamp of sorts