000DESTRUCT0 is now known as Destruct0

I'm going to be working on them in the marine corps.

To be honest I wanted to work on fixed-wing aircraft but they...
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is now connected at 12Kbps.
is now using a system with a K-6 processor.

I wouldn't want them to lump together blade and blunt. Wielding a sword requires a different level of strength and... read more

I'm about to go nuts.

Women are going to be jealous. I'm sure there will be kids who hold it for as long as possible hoping to build up... read more

I think it's going to be a long, long time.

And now there are over 9000 replies. GG dude, now nobody knows what's going on. read more

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My name is the greatest because you can't all caps anymore. read more

Demos are most effective when they precede the full game. It's a bit late for a demo. read more

I still encounter innumerable bugs that make me have to trick the game into doing right at times, and about a dozen... read more

I usually hate any attempt at retconning or revisting something as great or as old as Back To The Future, but this... read more

It's unfortunate I can't load that video on my horrible dial-up connection. If it's a hack-and-slash "button masher"... read more

I never played the game before this patch was released but from what I heard it was almost unplayable. I'm still... read more

Watch your toes while jammin' around. Not much is more painful than a stubbed toe. read more

changed his custom title to "What does your CT mean?"
You people are quite dull.