Ciao! I'm 13 years old, and I'm the proud creator of the E.P.O., Evil Penguin Organization(Just kidding)! I'm the 'Game Queen' of my house, since I have beaten almost every video game we have. I've published 5 poems, and have written a book over five-hundred pages. My favorite food is blueberry muffins, and favorite color is teal. (Sometimes I might lose my temper, but please don't take it offensively if I do! I don't mean anything that is say, really! ^_^)


Well, I love to play Kingdom Hearts, Xenosaga, all the Final Fantasy games, Tales of Symphonia, the Zelda games, and the Sakura Taisen games! I like to read, and write poetry and books. I also love watching anime', which includes .hack//SIGN, Last Exile, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sskura, Inu-Yasha, Sakura Taisen, and many more! I also enjoy reading the Fruits Basket, Nausicaa, and Alice 19th manga.


"See with your heart"-Nephlihim, Xenosaga
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Review: Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts Mania!

Feb 1, 2003

All around good game, and a must buy for all Disney and Squaresoft fans. It has the essence of inocence from Disney, and the essence of reality and surprise from Square. I give this game a ten thumbs up!

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