qwerty01 Dessyyy
Dec 26, 12 6:12am
Nice chap. Always open for choices in trading. Knowledgeable and super fast on replies. Looking forward to more trades in the future.
Zosazat Dessyyy
Dec 25, 12 6:28pm
He is so quick respone and trustful, looking forward to trade with him more.
Problems4U Dessyyy
Dec 25, 12 4:07pm
We trades skill stone for GS. Fast and honest trader!
kempot Dessyyy
Dec 25, 12 8:36am
Trading a lot of feeder for his skill stones. Fast and quick trader. And btw happy birthday to you. It's ur birthday today. Lol
Snackshack Dessyyy
Dec 25, 12 6:40am
Easy to deal with. Fast responses. Thanks again
brainchild Dessyyy
Dec 25, 12 4:12am
so fast trade my brave behemoth and his stones
PLY Dessyyy
Dec 25, 12 3:06am
This guy is really fast, reply pm within 5 mimute and always have a good deal.
kilrheice Dessyyy
Dec 25, 12 2:39am
I sell my valk for stones

Fast / trustfull trader
DaveDastardly Dessyyy
Dec 24, 12 11:30pm
Super cool trader!
Demon Hunt Dessyyy
Dec 24, 12 10:31pm
trade my Aym for stat stones. trade with extremely well. Very fast trade. communication was very smooth and Dessyyy is very patient and friendly as always. Thank you for stones and most of all thank you for smooth trade. KUDO!
bridgestone Dessyyy
Dec 24, 12 8:10pm
good trader.
Nandie_2000 Dessyyy
Dec 24, 12 3:49am
Nice Trading all legit thx
Gangsterone Dessyyy
Dec 23, 12 9:05pm
Cool guy... Fast trader
solidnatz Dessyyy
Dec 23, 12 4:10pm
SS for Stone III. Fast and friendly thank you =)
gcjayjay Dessyyy
Dec 23, 12 4:01pm
gs for iii stones
Smilest0ne Dessyyy
Dec 23, 12 3:31pm
gifted me stones + @ in exchange of ss.
generous person.
ac3th3pr0 Dessyyy
Dec 23, 12 12:26pm
Fast and nice trader. thumbs up!
Demon Hunt Dessyyy
Dec 09, 12 10:25am
Got Ace Giant for Chaotic Caim. Trade was fast and smooth. Thank you very much