Err, Hey. I'm Desirae but people call me Brayden; your choice. I used to be on Neoseeker in 2008 under the name Sorring Falcon, however, lost my interest when people started vanishing. Why? I honestly don't know. But anyway... moving along, yeah, I returned. (x

I usually lurk around the Roleplaying forum, so don't mind me. I tend to prefer that forum seeing as it has some awesome roleplays in it; or did. I enjoy writing and really would like to improve my skills, so if I fail at any part, please do tell me? I haven't actually written a decent story since who-knows-when. Another thing I like is anime; for those who can tell. Over the past year I've lost interest in a lot of anime shows, but maybe I'll find one to watch someday.

So, yeah... if you see me around, Hi and all that other nonsense. (x


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