Congrats on coming in 5th place in the GTA quiz 2008!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays mate. Wish you all the best...ladies, games and processors you can imagine

Lets PIMP this Christmas RE style
Well done, you won my quiz DV! Hope to see you next year!

Hey audy!

I wanna let you know that my master is the sexy beast in the entire universe!

Kiss his feet and obey him now!

And you're very lucky to have a stamp like...


*starts to kiss my master's feet and mumbling about how great he is...*

He's such as cutie!

By the way, he's better and sexier than you, you little piece of sh-t!

m_darkdrogon rules the whole world plus universe!!!

Since you're a memebr of the RE4 forum, my mistress, Memory of Eileen (a lovely thing she is, too) has commanded me to sign your guestbook! Aren't you lucky?

The above is what my super-special-awesome-sexy mistress has done to you. If you're lucky, she might even talk to you, and then you shall know my joy.

Have a nice day.
Hey, I thought and I'd say Merry Christmas to you, my good friend!

And Happy New Year!

Hope you're all enjoyed this special holiday and have fun with your beloved families and friends!

With much love,

Just wanted to say hi! Plus some impressive completion times on Resi. Especially the Resi 2 one that is just incredible. Keep up the good work dude!
This is not a real signing your eyes are playing tricks on you

Sign back if you want

Hope you have scaty time....RE scary...mwuuaaahahahahaaaaa
Hey buddy!
Long time no talkin' to ya!
What's up? Did you have fun with your friends and familes lately?
I hope so!
Here's the stamp for ya!

Peace out!

Love always,
Memory of Eileen

Hello i have seen you around Neoseeker so i am signing your guestbook and stamping it.


Hi Vader, after watching your awesome vids on the gta4 forum i thought id come and sign your guestbook. Here's a stamp:

Sign back please...
Congratulations! You have won second along with spacemud in the GTA: Hitman Agency tournament.

Hope you join the second season.
A stamp to say:

Keep up the Good Pimpin' that Random Zombie was Magical!
Random signing with a kittykat I drew some time ago ^^

Cya around
Ive noticed you around in the UK forum and decided to bestow apon you some...


My worker goblins will be allong shortly with the complementary champagne

A little question...are you Welsh too?


P.S. PM me if you wana be NoeFriends
Thanks for the guestbook signing... I don't really carry around and stamps so if you don't mind you won't get one. ^^

Anyway don't be a stranger now.
Hello fellow Resident Evil fans ^^ Haven't talked to you guys for a long time so hope you're doing well and everything.

Best wishes
made it in 5 minutes especially for the lost forum

stamping spreeee
have nothing to do atm neo is dead apart from us two so here you go
y'all everybody
seriously here you go

made by the wondrous artwork of myself
Hey just thought i would say Merry Christmas you know christmas spirit and all

You have been wished a happy xmas by *Drum Roll ~*Cute Phantasy ~*

I have seen you around the GRE Form, and the fact that you're a FF7 fan is more then enough a reason for me to sign your guest book.

Well I'll catch you later and Happy Xmas.

P.S. Don't judge me by what I look like on my Pic, I was having a bad day when it was taken.
Now Jill and i were thinking that you need stamping. She send love and:

Also there's a Christmas coming up We'll see if we can do something for you to have a RE Christmas
since you stamped my guestbook, i wills tamp yours *does magical stuff* there we go, done, oh and enjoy the stamp
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!