I believe a simple "Welcome" shall do, so Welcome. Now that you have entered my humble abode, we may begi- -Aw, whatev. Nobody really cares anyways. I mean nobody even knows I exist. I'm an unpopular, unnoticeable little geek that can't even sprite properly. I mean, how many people even know I exist? 3, 4 maybe? It's like "Horton hears a Who", except the little dust speck is me and there isn't a single elephant within miles of me. The only ones who realize I'm there are some Kangaroo's, and they just want me dead anyways. But whatever. You probably didn't come just to hear me ramble on about how everyone hates me. You probably came to poke me with sticks, hang me upside down, take my lunch money, and laugh at me. Wait, you're not? You're actually interested in me and my NeoHome? You really want to know more about me?! FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS!!!! Thank you so much for coming, I've never had a visitor before. At least, not one who doesn't want to kill me....>_> So, what do you want to know? Favorite color: Dark Blue. Favorite animal: Barn Owl. Favorite food: Anything Italian. Favorite game console: DSi and XBox 360. Favorite game series: Pokemon, Halo, Zelda, Mario, and Sonic. Favorite book: Name of the wind. Favorite series: Warrior Cats. And that's really all there is to know about me. But hey, this probably belongs on my profile, doesn't it? Heck, what are you even supposed to do with a NeoHome? Well, what are you standing around for, get out of my house! ---------------------------------- WALL OF SHAME! This is a list of people who are just stupid, are art theives, or are just stupid (notice how I said that twice). #1: Pokemon Cascade and Agate. Some kind of fan-made pokemon game where all their sprites for the game are compiled into a Photobucket gallery. Not too terrible, right? They just wanted to show of soem of their work online, RIGHT? WRONG! If you go to their gallery, over 75% of these sprites are stolen from various sites and Youtubers acros the Internet. They were even dumb enough to steal some basic recolors, which they could've EASILY done themselves. Here are a few victims that I noticed immediately. Aragornbird, the most famous spriter on Neo.* Dragonflycave.com, one of the most well-written websites for Pokemon fans. Twoohfive, one of the most famous spriters on Youtube. Various other spriters from Neo. And thousands of other people who's work I haven't recognized, but still. *Note, aragornbird was THE MOST stolen from person out there, including his super-famous Tri-dragon. If you go to his website, http://arkeis.com/, and then scroll through this gallery of theft, you will notice that almost every page has one of aragonbird's sprites. ---- No others. Lets try to keep it that way. ------------------