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Sep 16, 12 3:12pm

Just like the little rogue she is. ^_^

Haley-April 1st - SEP 12???

Yeah, she was around for muuuuch longer than I intended. That's because almost as soon as I put her up here, I ened up going on a month-long hiatus from Neo. I was gone for a huge amount of time, so I figured that Haley's consolation prize could be sticking around longer than I expected. My current Character, Elan, will still be around for the intended time.

Now, another note before I move on to Haley's info: I accidentally changed to a character that did NOT match the hint. Elan has never had sex with a reptile twice, trust me. 0_0 That character WILL be used after Elan, so don't worry.

Haley is another of my favorite characters. Being a rogue, she's pretty quick-witted and quick-footed, so she can make a subtle escape while verbally kicking her opponents ass. These witty moments make her the funniest character (or at least one of them). For about 100-200 strips, she was unable to speak in proper language, every word she spoke being replaced by a random letter of the alphabet. You couldn't even translate it, because the "code" that Rich Burlew used for Haley's speech every strip, so one day X could mean A, but then the next day X means Q. This was fixed when she finally announced her love for Elan to his face. During a fight with her dim-witted arch-nemesis, Crystal, she ended up getting much of her hair cut off by Crystal's knife, leading to another 100 comics or so with short, tussled hair. Yet another change that happened to Haley (and is still going on) is that upon arriving in the desert for the party's next adventure, she purchases an entirely new outfit more suited to the desert weather (including a more flaunting shirt, as she had been called "young man" several times before hand).

So, as you can plainly see, Haley is possibly the most-changed character in the entire series. Hopefully she can settle her mind on something soon. ;)

If you want the hint for what's coming after Elan, check out my Vaarsuvius Blog Post. =)

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May 3, 12 12:46pm

Well, another 4 month increment, another character. And no, I'm not a girl. Shut up.

Vaarsuvius ~ Jan. 1, 2012 - May 2, 2012
I accidentally left him up here a few days longer, but that's okay.

Now, V is a very, very, VERY interesting character for me to read. His intellectual speech patterns, while occasionally confusing, do show off the proper-ness and intellectualism that is commonly associated with elves. Although he did make a few poor choices during Roy's death, including never resting (which lead to a HORRID case of cracked skin), one of his favorite lines was spoken during that time, so it was included in my signature. Anyways, I feel V is without a doubt the most complex character in the comic. A lot of V's plot is still churning around stuff from the very early strips. If you who have read about them killing the Black Dragon in the cave thought that it was over, keep reading until you hit around the 500's. And then, once you've found out what I'm talking about and read it, then read until about 840. See? V has brought back plot points from all over the comic, and converged them into one messed-up plotline.
V will forever remain a self-favorite for me, alongside Belkar and Elan.



Hint for next character: He got to second base with someone despite her being a reptile!


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Jan 29, 12 4:05pm

Deoxor here, with another blog post!

I've decided that I'm going to attempt to show off a large majority of OOTS characters on my channel, including some major NPC's, to be determined at a later date. I will keep track of this, and if any OOTS fans out there want to see me portray a certain character, every couple months I'll change it up, so throw in a request for characters to represent anytime.

I'll give you keepsakes of previous charcters every time I change, so if you want to be able to look at previous avatars and signatures, here is were to look. I will also give my opinion on each character. Finally, I'll give you hints as to which one is coming next, so you deeper OOTS fans will be able to guess as to which character I'm doing next.

Original Character: ???-??? Belkar Bitterleaf
My favorite character from OOTS. A raging, psychopathic, murderous, bloodthirsty halfing who kills anybody who's in his way or looks like they might get anywhere near his way in the future. I really love his personality, he's almost like a villain, but not quite, not to mention he's Chaotic Evil, which is a bit cliche but fits him well. The classic lead sheet helps him dodge Detect Evil spells, so paladins like Miko Miyazaki can't actually tell what alignment he is exactly (though it's rather obvious). He also is a bit self-praising and has a large ego, which is apparent in strip 439, where he stands on top of a towering pile of dead Hobgoblins and proudly proclaims "I AM A SEXY SHOELESS GOD OF WAR!", one of my favorite lines. He's the one who started my OOTS + Neo Account idea, and though I didn't actually record how long I had him, he was more than a few months and lasted for a large amount of the time I was on Neo. November and my first few months were the only times I didn't have him, actually.

The original signature was lost, so I had to remake it, but it didn't turn out quite as good. Sorry.

And that was my first OOTS charcter. Vaarsuvius' info will be up when I switch, but for now, here's a clue:

My next OOTS character used to be known as "Dark Mistress Shadowgale".

Good night, folks!


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Jan 25, 12 2:04am

Hmm...maybe that should be my new catchphrase....XD

Anyways, I've just discovered that Neo has a blog section, so I decided "Eh, why not?" and made one. I'm not really sure what I want to blog about ATM though, so if you guys reading this have any suggestions (cheats I've discovered, favorite glitches, favorite games, my best sprites, etc.) just shoot me a PM and I'll try to blog about it.

About my general life;

I'm missing a bit of my Reading homework for this semester, which isn't good because I need to get all my stuff in by Thursday (2 days from now) and it's almost Wednesday. Outside of school, Ancient China has sent me a message concerning my spriting and my decision I made to possibly stop spriting. I had decided earlier that I didn't want to sprite anymore, I just wasn't getting good grades on them and they actually distracted me from my homework (hence why I'm missing a lot of my Reading) when I opened a Fortune Cookie that said "Every artist was first an amateur", which I interpreted to mean that even though I wasn't great now, I'll be a great artist one day in the future. Thank you China! ;)

So yeah, I guess that's it for now, if you have any suggestions send me a message, if you think I'm cool hit the big blue button called "Add Neofrieind" and I'll return the favor, and have a good day!

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