White 2...COME AT ME BRO
Check out my White 2 Completion Challenge!

http://i42.tinypic.com/29o50zp.png Isn't this just, like, the coolest banner ever? Hello, ladies and germs, and

Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak silently around the camp of hungry, angry and vicious ogres!
If you're ever feeling irrelevant, just think about Beyonce's sister.
I am now officially on summer vacation!!! =D
Last day of school!! In just a few hours the torture will be over! ^_^
Enjoy every sammich. Every single one.
I'm siiiiiingin' in teh rain, I'm siiiiiingin' in the rain!
HAPPY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! =D Wait...it was like a month ago...PFFT SCREW IT
Happy friggin' birthday to me....='(
Tomorrow be mah birthday! ^3^
Happy *hic* New Y*hic*ear!!! *drunk face*
Have a merry Labour Day, everybody!! Wait....
Sooo....read any good books lately?
"Church, I'm your best friend! That's what I am to yoooouuu!" -Your Best Friend, by Micheal J. Caboose
Cows and cows and cows.
What do you do when everything you need is right in front of you...and you can't get it? Most people would be driven mad...I know I've been.
Every time I think of you, the hole gets an inch deeper. It isn't much, but they're starting to stack, and soon I'll be trapped forever.

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