It's me, Denver.


These are the people I feel that were/are important to my brawling career:

AL: Mad respect for this guy. Founder and leader of an awesome crew called Kings of Brawl. He was a respectable Marth main, but eventually dropped him for Wario, which suits him much better anyway. He's friendly enough, but can be sarcastic and seemingly rude at some points.

Veggi: Oh man, is this guy great. I can never win consistently against this guy; he's just too good. He mains DK, Mario, and Peach the best IMO and *bleep* with them. He was friendly to me when I first join, and I always enjoy brawling with him.

ed11/Evil Elmo: I'll never understand where the sudden elmo obbession came from, but this guy is one of my real life friends who likes to brawl. He mains Snake and is pretty good with him. We grew up becomeing better brawlers and thanks to my reccomendation to Neoseeker, he got better to. He used to be in KoB, but eventually joined SoC for his own reasons. GL there Ed!

Earth: This guy was the first person I remember who utterly *bleep* me with his MK. He mains Pikachu now, but still pulls MK time to time. He seems harsh at times, but that's just his way. Cool guy and second person to join KoB, I believe.

Ronnyjj: My fellow drummer and the second real life friend I know on neoseeker (and reccomended). He is new to competitive brawl, but is eager to learn the tips and tricks of the game. A bit egocentric, yes, but also kind-hearted and good-natured. He used to main Sonic, but now focuses on Pikachu and G&W, but mainly G&W (lol small learning curve).

RS: Best Ike main I have ever faced on this site.

It's a shame that none of these guys are really around anymore, but they were really good friends and great opponents. I wish them luck and whatever paths they've embarked.
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