MERRY CHRISTMAS DENNY! Who isn't a fisher maybeh. o: Uh have a happy new year too! ^-^

Hayley out! ;l
Haha! I'm gonna sign yer guestbook! I like to sign people's guestbooks, cuz it's fun!

Don't ya just love my stamp!
I wanted to say that your a heaps cool PM buddy, I think we need to bring the HMDS RP back to life, with our totally epic posts like before =D
I reackon you should visit the RP forums,they are really fun and get your posts up really quick, or the Neo-Duelist League, takes a while but once you get the hang of it its soooo much fun!
You have definately improved in graphics, in fact, I started before you and you STILL get better marks then me(except for once)
But watch out, I am getting reallly good with my recolours now so, sleep with one eye open -__<
I hope you liked my totally epic stamp!