~*Happy New Year*~

Be sure to make the most out of it!


Happy New Years! ::.

It's New Years day!! Now it's 2006. Feels weird to me still. Have a happy new years day! ^^

Double Happy New Years to den!!

(I'm sending this to as many people as I can. Everyone needs a happy new years! xD)
hello just feeling in the NEW year sprit and all here ya go not the best but meh :

short but sweet...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm so sorry for the late stamping! >_<

I hope you had a nice day. SEe you around! ^^;;;;;;;;
Merry Christmas I hope you have fun!^-^

yay you get a gift

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hey there DENNISEA, You seem all into the Holiday Spirit, and aside from taht it's my seasonal signing spree.
Here's the stamp i got off of google, enjoy

Take Care, and Remember to Sign Back!
Hey Hey! Haven't spoken to you in ages!

But anyways, thanks for the stamp and everything!

I am lazy, all i could be bothered to make was this, lol:

But anyways, hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

Take Care!
Best Wishes, Amy!
thanks for signing! I'm on a sign-back spree! You have been stamp-backed by...chocobeth!
I'm on a holiday signing spree! I've seen you around so here, you get one! ^^

Merry X-Mas And A Happy New Year!~

With love,

Stibul ^_______^

"Be naughty and save Santa the trip"?
I heard from SummonerSupreme he'll get you for that. xD

Love, Melody
Merry Christmas Den, happy holidays and enjoy no school


Awright, have a great Christmas and New Years and Boxing Day! <3 If someone ruins it, then just hit them with a mop x333

Gah gah *has to find something to stamp GBs with* T_T;


Anyway, yeah.. like, chill out for the holidays :3

Frawm teh Jewlzeh~~
Sorry about the.. broken Image link.. Here's the REAL stamp

YOu can delete my other post


Hey there DENISSEA, how's it going? Anyways, I came here to sign..


Merry Christmas!

Cool avatar, and since i have the christmas spirit and all why not :

you have been wished a merry christmas by *drum roll*

~* Cute Phantasy*~

There's your stamp. I'm so sorry I forgot to sign back a while ago! >>! Sorry 'bout that!

Well, anyway! Thanks for everything! I hope you like the stamp. Enjoy!

Your friend,

Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
I'm here to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!Stay safe sis!*huggles*I wuvs you!!!

*huggles again*

Happy Holidays!! a.k.a FESTIVUS!! It OWNS yer soul XD

rawr! Lei's super happy! Cause it's Christmas break!! But Lei shall not celebrate Christmas anymore... but rather.... FESTIVUS!! (obsessed!)

Thank you very Very Much for signing my guest book.... First things first, I sign witha Thank ya stamp! X_x Here's lookin' at you, Kid:

I'd sing, but, y'know...... Happy Holidays!! Stay happy-- or else!!

Now dere's a matter of your Holiday stamp! Jeeze, you people are greedy... Isn't my undying love and devotion enough!!?(wait..... naw, 'course it isn't )

No...? Damn, it was worth a shot ~~ so here's yer uberful cute Christmassy Stamp!!

It's a Festivus Miracle! (that you didn't die on impact of the cuteness) =D Stay healthy and happy! Lei hopes to chat with you soon! ( when She's not breaking ornaments for the FAKE tree X_x )

hey, u may not know me cuz i'm new but, i saw the drawings u made.NICE. anyways MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! OH YEAH DO U LIKE INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I'm here to sign my little Neo-Sister's GB for Christmas! Let's see what I have for you...this one,

And especially this one...

Except me Ren, you Takeya getting the life squeezed out of him.

Now remember to be a good girl so that Santa will be nice to you for Christmas! I'd say be naughty since you said the same thing to me, but that's not like me. I'm too lazy.

Have a happy holiday season! Love you, sis! *hugs & kisses*

Your loving Neo-Brother,

Hi, I wanted to say that you'll have a happy christmas! ^^ Be glad with your family that u loved and be with someone that you're madly in love with...I hope you'll have a good time in vacation and this is the picture of Bra...I made it on computer lolz...That's the stamp and hope you'll like it! GIRLS POWER!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Keiichi and the family!