hi its bronze0800 your awesome

To celebrate me becoming the bitch. <3
Damn you have a big mouth. =/
Damn still havent reached 125 characters, blah blah blah.
hey demonfurby, just signing because youre my friend. and can you be the fist to sign mine?

pretty Plz...
pretty Plz with a cherry on top
Good thing I'm back then. I hate when the forum drops in activity.
For I am teh sex.
Also Kanon that pic is do want times like 8979757657856746523414123132132131356570907


Also, it's a pain in the ass to get 125 characters. D:::::::::::::::::::::::
Hi, you're certainly a welcome edition to the Fire Emblem Forums! I hope we can be good friends.

Mia rules!

And also Mist!

Now gimme those 200 inches you promised.

In bed
you dont now me but you have bin verry useful to me for teling me not to bring back all old threadsand other stuff so well if you can help me whith other stuff like other formones so ttyl
Just signing your guestbook. You're a cool guy on the RE4 forum, and I look forward to future discussions with you. Keep it up.
hey I'm glad you like the steelers. just returning the favor of signing your guestbook. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just saw u signed my guestbook now.. dont feel bad idc about that thing ne way.. and kickin my ass lol nice touch

I thought i could sign your guestbook as we are now neofriends

Sign Back if you want,

hey dude thanks for signing my gbook, i need to check my gbook coz ppl sign and it takes a while for me to check so yea neways heres candice michelle dont get too excited!