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Feb 10, 10 8:45pm

I forgot I had one of these. Then I was reading the fartjoke's blog and I remembered, then forgot, then remembered I should write another post and then forget about it for another year and a half. Looking back on my first post, I remember how much of a whiny little bitch I was, and to a degree, still am. Now I'm a mellowed out stoner, who think he's exceedingly superior to everyone. And yes people (by people, I mean the one person who is going to read this), this is all going to be about how much I hate myself. Wrestling did suck and I'm glad I quit, people getting that close to my balls is gross, I'm not *bleep* (at least refering to my sexual orientation). (Bunch of asides in this post, eh?)(Maybe I should just make it all in parenthesis)(How the hell do you spell that word anyway)(Oh well, I don't really need it) Im actually almost 17 and I don't have a job, or a girlfriend, or any real ambitions at all. More self-hate, eh? Oh well, I'm off to for... something or other. Oh, and i forgot about the snow until this recent edit. I checked and I have 26 inches of snow that I have to shovel through because it "builds character". That, or my parents want me to die outside because I don't have time to put real clothes on. The real man's way of shoveling snw in a snow storm, a cutoff t-shirt, sweatpants, and slippers. White supremacy is just reigning all over my character. I've been out of school for the past three days as well, which was cool for the first day, but now my *bleep* is so incredibly sore from carrying my manhood through my other manhood so many times. I think I should leave now, *bleep* isn't really the sign of great writing.

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Nov 29, 08 9:16pm

To quote a legend:

quote The Deathwind
We have blogs now? We have BLOGS now? We have frickin' BLOGS NOW?
Seriously, what the *bleep*? The start of Neo legitimacy decline started with the NeoWikis, and now, blog. Freaking blogs. But, as I did with the Wiki's, I will start to feed this catalyst with all of my might. So, welcome to the Demonfurry blog.

For my first bitch rant, wrestling sucks. When I was a wee 'lil one, I watched the fake- ehhem, I mean, "professional" wrestling. It was entertaining for a seven year-old. It gave me some violence that I thought was real that videogames didn't gave me. It introduced me to scantily clad women beating each other up. Plus, it gave me a boner from said women. Basically, it shaped me into the person that I am today, a loser fagot But I stopped watching when I learned it was fake.m I know, I'm petty. But now, last week or so, I signed up for real wrestling at my highschool. Get this, if you don't have a physical for the first meeting, they make you run laps for two hours. Now, I had no idea we were supposed to have a physical, so you can tell that I was ecstatic to be running for two hours straight with barley any water. Fun stuff. Plus, I signed up with a friend, who is in the same weight class as me, which is, fatass- I mean heavyweight. So, two fatasses running for two hours isn't enough for the bastard coach, he made botch of us get weighed in front of everyone. I clocked in at an amazing 220, while my buddy got 240. Don't get me wrong, we're not super fat, we both are at least 6 feet tall, him being 6'4, and we both start on the offensive and defensive line for our football team, but it was embarrassing nonetheless. So now, after I get home, I tell my dad I want to quit because all we did was run for a Satan-coach, but he already paid the fifty dollar fee for it. It has gotten better, we have actually wrestled, but all I get to wrestle is my fellow fatty. :|

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