About me???...Well, I'm finall 16!!( yeah baby!!) I am half Irish and half Puerto-Rican ( Weird combination huh?), I am not dark-skinned, but I am darker than most white folks. I'm also pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself (hehehe). I am hyper, sometimes unpredictable, and loves fun. I like ta hang out with my friends sometimes, but I absolutely value my alone time. I enjoy the tranquility of silence. I can act immature alot, I guess I just dont want my childhood to fly out the window, some points in my life weren't as happy or easygoing as a childs life should be.I Dont like alot of people, I know that sounds rude, obnoxious, and mean, but thats just how I feel, alot of kids I know are a bunch of idiots who are fake, and treat me a different way when they are in a different crowd. I really love my dogs. I dont know what I would do without them. I value my dogs life as much as my own. Well, as written above, I no longer have interest in writing anymore dirt about my life. I'll probably add more as time goes by.


What are my interests....hmmmm. Well, I LOVE to draw. When I have a bad day, I just draw for hours so I dont snap on people..(hehehe)I just draw my troubles's sorta like alchohol for
I am also infauated with dragons, I dont know why, they are just so majestic and powerful....well, the good one's, that is, but the bad one's are kick-ass too, if not more so. I'm sorta a pyro-maniac. No, I haven't burned anything down...(yet...MWHAHAHA).....(ahem), but I just like that way that fire looks, its amazing. I LOVE reading manga, in fact, American comics no longer interest or entertain me. My favorite manga is Naruto...I cant..get..enough. I swear I read my Shonen Jump magazines over and over every week. I also love plying video games. I hate short games that I can beat in a week, I cant stand them. I basically only have rpg's. I immerse myself in those games, I feel like I'm in them, and I probably sound psychotic by saying that, but its the truth. I can go on and on, but I'm lazy and dont wanna type any more.
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Review: Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena - Brigandine

Nov 14, 2003

Brigandine is truly one of the most magnificent games I have played. You can spend hours fighting, and you wont even realize it, its just that kind of game. The story is involving, and the battle system is truly amazing. especially the ability to...

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