Customize your robot and if you change your mind, simply rip a part off another robot an attach it to yours, plus it's 2 player co-op. :-D CyborgJustice GENESIS
Although this was released in the early 1990s, I am STILL playing it this year(2011) and will most likely play it in the future...nuff said? StreetsOfRage2 PC
The craziest game I think I will EVER play. ToeJamandEarl GENESIS
A 2 player racing AND beat em up game all in one. RoadRash2 GENESIS
Golden Axe, Streets Of Rage MegaGames2 GENESIS
My favorite Batman game as it's 2 player co-op BatmanForeverTheArcadeGame PC
While you have to share the same screen BatmanForeverTheArcadeGame PC
Different, but Co-Op, so can't really complain. MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker PSP
Don't Get Mad, Get Evil!
A worse game than Tenchu: Fatal Shadows! and BIG change in gameplay/controls. TenchuShadowAssassins Wii
Long and Tough, but ok to play and 2 player co-op too! MonsterHunterFreedom2 PSP
0nce you get round the control system, it DeathByDegrees PS2
A great action game, but far too easy for a Resident evil, definately still worth buying. ResidentEvil4 PS2
The best Fighting game on the Playstation. (& still the best Fighting game Tekken3 PSX
Worst non portable Tenchu since Tenchu 1. (but OK story) TenchuFatalShadows PS2
Although the graphics are showing their age, this game is more than buyable in gameplay terms & a big part to the tekken story. Tekken2 PSX
I have to admit, this game is showing its age (graphics & maybe gamplay speed) still worth it for collection & open minded beginers though. Tekken PSX
If you can get it to load- the best fighter on the PS2 when you know what you're doing. TekkenTagTournament PS2
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