Hope you have a good one!
Hey i have seen you around the forums and i thought about signing your guestbook I noticed you have a great taste to.
please sign back.
As you randomly sent me a Pm a bit back, I though I would sign your Guestbook for that reason =/

As I am currently reading Negima I though I would sign with that.

Ever want to talk in the future I will be more then welcome to reply ^____^
Because it's coming i tell you...

They're Huge monsters They have strong legs and claws for digging (or cutting -cough- humans -cough-) they live in burrows (waiting for the right time to attack...) Females give birth to up to eight babies every five weeks (they will vastly out number us) so are you ready for it? Because it is coming my friend, it's coming i tell you...

the invasions of....


Looks like I forgot to sign. Well at least I rememberd now.


Hi there Demon Goddess i am signing because you have good taste in music. Heres some tracks i reccomend: Metropolis Part 1 by Dream theater, 2112 by Rush and Acid Rain by Liquid Tension Experiment. By the way do you mind if i add your MSN, it's better to ask!

LAUREN!! You rock, I'm lovin' those MSN convos with all you guys. We should make it a tradition! Or not, I tried. Anyhow you're an awesome person and I hope things pick up for you in the near future.

See ya on MSN!!
I was in that giant ass conversation with 4 3 other people and you thanks to Bernard. Unno if you remember or not. Uhm, yep. I'd follow you around post wise, but there's a heavy price that follows perma ban.
Yep. I'm signing in you guestbook. Just for the hell of it. So here's me signing with a sore head. *Bonk* Who keeps doing that?

Stamped. Muhahaha. Enjoy... this... I guess? And OMG it's not Gaara related XD.


Here's to living in Michigan, the state of BOREDOM! lol! I can't believe you live so close! That's great, I only know of one other neo member that lives as close as you! Stay connected friend~
Who in hell is Conner Oberst?

I mean...


you silly girl, i love you more and more every day <3 you couldnt be more right (as usual)
Lauren we've been though so much shit together its amazing how we walked out of it alive! I cant wait to totally drive up to see you this summer (if i dont have summer classes). Its amazing how we've gone though the same circumstances with walking dicks isnt it? But I wouldnt take it back for the world because we've both grown so much and met amazing people without some man whore holding a leash to our throats amiright?

xoxo if it wasnt for justin i'd totally be yours hahaha have a blast with josh tomorrow ;o he's a keeper (he's smecksi too)
Well it was nice talking to you on MSN. do you want to be neofriends?

Hey! Thankyou very much for dropping a comment in my portfolio. I've decided to stamp your guestbook.

I just looked at your last ten posts. And then I read some of your online journal. Why is there no mention of me in there?

Life is good.
...I really don't feel pwned at all



I've seen some of your posts in IE, then finally checked your livejournal. It's shocking to see how easy going and happy you seem to be. That's valuable, I envy you somewhat.

What? No quote this time? Of course not:
"A rose by any other name will smell as sweet" - Shakespeare

You're wise beyond your years, and that's painfully rare for a female.

Hooray, now you're 17! Does that mean you can do ubar special stuff? And how does it feel to be 17?! I hate when people say that. You should be like "It feels the same. How does it feel to be a hairy old man? Hahahaahaha"

So yes. I hope your day was fun and full of non-burns. We couldn't have anything less for THE SPIFFY STRAWBERRY MARBLE CAKE LADY WITH A WHITE STREAK THAT IS UBAR HAWT X INFINITY ^ INFINITE!

Angie :3

Seriously now, doesn't my creativity just shine through in that picture?


I spent a good 2 minutes on that too. =)
I am putting you as a neofriend, and I suggest you do the same, or you will, WILL, die in 7 days.


I love that stamp.
Omg omg omg omg....I can't believe I'm signing your guestbook. =o Haha, it's been cool chattin with ya, Lauren. Stay awesome and watch more Power Rangers. >-{

And whoa, you have a lot more guestbook signings than me. >_>

In honor of that though, watch this:

Thank you for your participation during the Majora's Mask Header Contest. It was good to have your input. Congratz on your win! It was a very well-made piece of work.