Mphiscool51 Delslayer
Mar 20, 08 8:08am
I just not used it and it really works! Shadow freezing is really fun! Tomorrow I want to challenge someone to an SF match and see how much your guide has helped me.
Vitehite Delslayer
May 7, 07 8:19am

Although... Technically this team still doesn't exist... <_< I'm working on it, dammit! >_<;
PitLine810 Delslayer
May 7, 07 5:15am
A tout le monde
A tout mes amis
Je vous aime
Je dois partir

Not really though.

Mountain Zappa Delslayer
May 6, 07 6:06pm

How do you like it? Made it myself, this morning. Like my new banner and avatar, based on Brook from One Piece.
Dragon Delslayer
Mar 13, 07 2:59am
I've seen you around the ssbm forum, so I decided to sign.
Lightning148 Delslayer
Feb 9, 07 10:00pm
This is regarding the stradegy guide you wrote for freezeing in the know any glitches? thread. I accually used it and got better Noxus... so I would like to say Thanks.

Also latly I have been using the Electric freeze, but this was before I read youe guide. this kind of dissapointed me, because now I know that it wasn't me who came up with it. It was good to find out that I found it out by my self though.

Once again I would like to thank you for your freeze guide!!!
Reprimand Delslayer
Nov 5, 06 6:11pm


PitLine810 Delslayer
Oct 24, 06 8:53pm
here's to the clan [PoW], may prosperity follow us throughout the DS and Wii years

PitLine810 Delslayer
Oct 24, 06 8:52pm
here's to the clan [PoW], may prosperity follow us throughout the DS and Wii years

kirbysamus Delslayer
Sep 7, 06 7:11am
We've been friends for a while so I thought I would let you be the first one to test my stamp. Hope You like it.
PlaidGhost Delslayer
Aug 2, 06 7:58pm
Yo man wazzzzaaap. Im bored and am signing guestbooks with my totally awesome and proffesional stamp.

Chewba1020 Delslayer
May 5, 06 2:38am
Wanna be Neo-friends?I think you're very good at Metroid Prime:Hunters!Good luck for the future!I hope we could be Neo-friends!
EM876N83tw Delslayer
Apr 20, 06 5:52am
Well were Teammates in the "TEAM METROID SURVIVAL"thread so see you there!

my first banner created by...ME (thanks for your help!)
Newbie100 Delslayer
Jan 18, 03 6:10am
Hi and welcome to the forum I hope you have a very good time and feel welcome here, and by the way exactly how many delsabers have you slayed? [: