DQ Maniac Delinquent
Jun 22, 05 12:20am
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

Jake Rockwell Delinquent
Apr 25, 05 2:48pm
Damn, yeah, it's us again, Shoguns is harder to shake than dogs with lockjaw...lol.
What can I say man, just keep doin what you're doing and everything'll be copastetic...Let's Roll!!!!!

Jecht44 Delinquent
Apr 24, 05 5:11am
Glad I met a cat as dope as you are man. You know we finna really start this up once those oppurtunities reach that window but for now it's just neoseeker. And as for BPE, lets kill these guys the way we were gonna do it last year. Shogun Assassins yes!
Jake Rockwell Delinquent
Jan 14, 05 4:27pm

Hell Jeah, welcome to both Breed Of chaos and Combined Myndz! Good to have you on the team man, I know we're gonna hit up some sick ish!

Jecht44 Delinquent
Jan 11, 05 8:00am

whats good killa? Welcome to the team.. looks like were partners once again eh'? Holla.
Lupin3rd Delinquent
Dec 28, 04 1:10am
he's bizzy putting cups to his lips, sweating it out of him, gave the weed a couple of hits

Mary Jane had some succelent tits but everybody's hitting it

ended up ditching that bitch.

Hey Del, hope all is well.
jadedwolf Delinquent
Nov 16, 04 3:01am
What the deal!! Damn you know we miss you on open mic, especially me!! Keep it real as you always do. You my man's deli...Oh and love the avator!! Lucky girl!

Kelly is the shit yo!! Phluck beyonce!!!

Lupin3rd Delinquent
Oct 31, 04 8:00pm
"No love lost cus there was never none there..."
Oh but there is, you've been on a hiatus!

Hope everything's going well between you and y'know, you've got skills.

Because Halloween's the shit homey.

Glad you're doing better now, hope to speak to you soon.
Luigi88 Delinquent
Oct 10, 04 1:25am
Ayo, your a cool guy man. I respect you and respect what ya doin. Keep bringin the shit and thanks for all the help ya gave me. Appreciate it and holla back!!!
DQ Maniac Delinquent
Oct 5, 04 12:59am
M_N_M48060 Delinquent
Sep 27, 04 3:59am
This is Lupin 3rd's Task:

Chillin in the homo club, wantin no drillin and no mo rubs/
Talk to this guy named dub, “Let’s go to my place for decaf and subs”//

He wanted sex, and I said hell no hit him with my elbow knowing he prolly~wood/
Come back for some trunk act(ion) and butt packin, took off his mask’n it was Hollywood//
Iplaywithfire Delinquent
Jun 19, 04 10:45pm
ey yo, got much love for ya brother, so... uh... ill shut up now and just stamp ya

we talk on AIM and neo PM, and you aight. You may be in the collective and BPE and im in nothin, but you still in my crew man, whether you like it or not. Peace out, fo sho. *bleep* it, the stamp deserves you a second time

jadedwolf Delinquent
Jun 10, 04 12:54am
How you livin' it's the Jaded one. Ya know you mad cool peoples with me. stay cool of course and the sweetest mo-fo I ever met. I can't talk to anyone the way I talk to you.. You are an incredible emcee and you rep shit to the fullest,with ya kind heart neva eva change or i'll beat your ass hahaha!! Holla back anytime to.....

Da Broken Angel
Lupin3rd Delinquent
Apr 7, 04 10:56pm
If you scared to die then you scared to live, blaze trails that haven't been travelled in a while, battle thos who aquaint the style.

Lupin 3rd the Monster Zero King Geedorah has hereby signed Delinquent's guestbook.
Good evening Delinquent, welcome back to the underground.
Carnage83 Delinquent
Apr 1, 04 8:50am
wut up Delinquent i know we only talked a few times but u seem tight...i respect ya 2..and also im joinin u and jechts crew so i gotta show tha love...talk 2 ya later
Jecht44 Delinquent
Mar 15, 04 11:34pm
what up man? Haven't signed the G-Book yet so ima do it now!! Bullet Proof to the fullest homie!! You was my first and original member so we ride together and die together right?? (ummm...emcee wise not the real thing lol) haha im buggin' out. holla at ya boi and sign my G-Book also, man! You know we tight right? holla!
bosoxpete8 Delinquent
Mar 6, 04 11:05pm
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

STAMPED BY: bosoxpete8

Click image to sign my guestbook!
Felony Delinquent
Mar 2, 04 7:11pm
Hey D. Just thought I would sign your Guest-Book, seeing as your one of the people I seem to get along with on Neo... Stay cool; haha, how overused is that!!! lol Holla
timgta2002 Delinquent
Jun 22, 03 10:11pm
Hi, I am signing your guestbook because I want can and I have nothing else to do. Well see you later.

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mr x 300000000000000 Delinquent
Sep 28, 02 7:28pm
hi.im signing your guestbook because it has hardly any thing in it.you seem like a nice person.could you sign my guestbook please
Gary Delinquent
Mar 12, 02 11:14am
Dont even know If youll read this but nice to see you around at least a bit again. Take care. Now all I need to do is reach the limit.