I love taking walks in the dark. i usually go hang with the guys at the local video game store. Just got into Warhammer 40k (Tabletop Version). Every saturday i hold video gaming clubs. I am the Alpha dog gamer in my town. All the little N00bs look up to me. My high school just held a massive video game tourny with 85 people, and we played games like Halo 3 and Soul Caliber 3, and I got 1st!!


I play alot of Syphon Filter Logan´s Shadow online. Its the best game on the PSP other then Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Everyone has got to try it! I also enjoy Halo 3 with my buddies when we have massive battles.


DOC: You have a bullet wound in the foot. Is anything else wrong?
CABOOSE: Uh… Oh! I got one. Uh, well, sometimes, when I fall asleep at night, I think about my parents having sex, and I get really really mad for some reason.
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