This is what my Biographer Wrote about me

Deepfried GoldFish

Deepfriedgoldfish was a normal goldfish once. His Name was Joe. One day he was blessed by a magical pond ornament to know all. This poor little goldfish soon became tired of knowing every little snippet of information in the whole world. The population of japan, The stock rate of ticker Number BGS3, Bill gates Bank balance, Everyones Height, weight, Favirote colour and what they were wearing down to each sock. One mind numbing day of excess-information he decided to Commit suicide. From his Friendless pool he Worked out the precise flight tragectory to the nearest deep Fat Fryer. He thumped his way out of the pool and landed in the fryer with a spatter. Regrettably ,as he knew every thing, he knew how to reawaken him self without Having to think about it. He is At Present in an abandoned pool without a Buddy on the planet.


Since he died he forgot every thing of importance. however he can still transmorgifiy into any inaimate object

NeoFamily Yay

~The Leonhart Family~

Neobrothers: Raikazokou,Mikiri777, Snee the warrior, Mr Pain, Halfdemon Inuyasha, UltimateSonic, gaiablade64, gdog2011, WolverineFan03265, SuperSonicBattler, Unspoken, Martinwalker8.

Neosisters:Adelaidedk, DarkAngel90, Miranda, LtLeen, 50 cent fan and MegaDemon


ERmm... Good question...

I like Cookies!

I like;

Game Making (RPG MAKER + Click team)
Music (Rock and Stuff)
Playing FF7 (still)
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Review: EyeToy: Play - Yay! finally i have an excuse not to fix my gamepad

Oct 17, 2003

Eye toy is a super cool game i have had so much fun playing it visit the forum and chat with others if you dont belive its a good game....

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