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is at his dad's house.
I stayed up all night!

Today, I woke up, but I couldn't really do all of the things I needed to. Then during first period nothing really happened. Second period everyone was ganging up on this chick Grace and they made her cry. Really, I feel bad. I should have said something, but idk. We had P.E. for like two hours, lol. During 4th period we worked on this Bug Walla thing in the library, mine turned out kinda cool I guess. I chose the crab spider as my insect. 5th period we were playing a game where we put all of our feet on top of each other and then someone would step on them, whenever I would step everyone would scream, lol. During 3d period it was gay because Mrs.Jones was our sub. 6th period was gay like always. 7th period was awesome after school. I hung out by the bus stop for a little bit like always after school. But I leave before someone comes. Then on the way home I went to the Quick Mart to get my daily soda. When I got home my sister Heather was already home so it was cool. And then I went to her house. When we got there Landon fell and I think that he hurt himself. Poor Landon. We went to the park after that, but it wasn't much fun cuz Landon was limping so we left. On the way home we went to the 7/11 so I could buy some candy and Landon could get his special drink. I wanted candy corn, but they didn't have it there so I just got some awesome skittles and a butterfinger. The skittles were awesome, I've never had that kind. They were two different flavors in each one, they were the best skittles ever!:D When we got home we watched Astro Boy, it was pretty cool. After that we ate pizza and I got on here after that. Now everyone is asleep. Sleep well. Ily.

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we just watched Astro Boy, I'm at my sister Heather's house.
Cat had kittens.

Today I woke up... And then I went to school late. Then Lacy made me do her math h.w.!0: Math was pretty gay, I hate first period, it is too early to like. That fat bimbo Taylor pushed me, I got hecka mad after that. Today was grade check day, I have a -A in math, it used to be 100% not that long ago...)': Then during second period it was pretty fun I guess. I fell on my butt while running on the asfault. I have an A- in P.E. Then I go to third period and boom, I have an F???? I was supposed to have an A so I asked him and then he said that I was missing a bunch of stuff that I has turned in, so I showed him all of the stuff and now I have an A-. He is a retarded fagot. At fourth period Shaun told on me for scribbling on his paper, lol. What a jerk. He scribbled on mine too. I have a B in art. Fifth period was pretty cool, I didn't do much. I just shared half of my granola bar with Helena, that's pretty much it. I always share with her. At sixth period I hanged out with my buddy Selena, she is funny, she is from some Asian place so whenever she says awesome it sounds funny. We were talking about Final Fantasy games and about how much we wanna play the new one. I didn't do my grade check for science. Seventh period was fun. I hung out with Ellen mainly. She's a whore. I didn't do my grade check for history either. After school I hung out with Bryonna for a little bit over by the bus stop, I always do that. Then I went home a Zer was over. She wanted to play Hit & Run, but first I got a soda, but then when we were about to move Landon into mom's room he woke up. I offered to watch Landon while she played, but she said naw because we were about to go out to eat for Allison's b-day anyways. We went to Sizzlers, but we had to eat at two separate tables, I got shrimp. I wanted to sit by Zer, but i had to sit on the other table with Amanda and Robert. Sometimes Landon would come and sit with us. He was dancing, lol, it was cute. This little girl said hi to Amanda, she was so cute. Then we left and nothing really happened for a while. And then at eight our Dad picked us up. I sat in the front on the way to Merced. When we got to Dad's house he told us that Cat had, had her babies. So we went and checked, they are cute. The only thing is that there was blood on the floor in the back room, lol. That was nasty, my brother Robert stepped in the blood and he had no shoes on, lol. And now I am here playing video games, also I took some pictures.


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Are they gonna make another one? LostWinds Wii
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! DragonQuest4 PSX
I like this game, but they shouldn't have been so lazy. FinalFantasyCrystalChroniclesEchoesOfTime Wii
I wish that it were more like the original. FinalFantasyCrystalChroniclesTheCrystalBearers Wii

This morning I woke up and then I got ready for Church, Church was pretty good, normally I hate Church. When we got home my Dad went driving with my brother William who is learning to drive, I wanted to go, but I couldn't. While they were gone I got on the computer and checked my Myspace, I tried to download some music, but it wouldn't let me. I watched some T.V. and listened to music for a little while. When they got back my Dad was cooking dinner and then he started the wood that he chopped down on fire, so then me and my sister Victoria tended to the fire, we did a good job, but we had to put some dry leaves in there too. The dinner was pretty good. We took pictures of us behind the fire when it got dark so it looked like we were burning. When we were done taking pictures my Dad played his guitar outside for a little bit. Then I played the computer again, this time it let me download the music. When I was done on the computer we went home. And we watched some Simpsons when we got home, yup yup.

just got home from his Dad's house.

Today I woke up and ate breakfast(something I rarely do.) Then I got ready for the day, when I was done getting ready I went to the Quick-Mart to get my daily soda. When I got back from my walk to the Quick-Mart I played a little bit of Animal Crossing City Folk and then I read three chapters of The Secret Garden, three chapters of The Chronicles of Narnia:The Last Battle, and three chapters of The Meanest Hound around, adding up to nine chapters, while I was reading my brother Robert came in the room and then left to get a bag to pack his stuff in because we were going to our Dad's house and so I yelled at him, "Close the door!!!!" So then he got all pissed and when he left he turned off the light so I went outside into the living room and unplugged his headphones then we got into a fight so I went into our room and spit on his bed(something I do lots when I'm mad at him.) When I was done reading I did my home work. Then when I was done doing my home work I packed my stuff to go to Dad's house and went into the living room and played Freshly Picked Tingle's Magic Rupeeland(the best game ever!) When my Dad got tot our house he said that I looked like a lumberjack because I am wearing a flannel? Flannels are in, it doesn't make me a lumberjack. The car ride to Merced was great as usual(I love car rides.) When we got their I talked to my Dad, then greeted my brothers William and Edward(who are twins.) When I was done I hung out with the animals, it was nice. Then I went into the kitchen to get some ice cream, but their were no spoons, so then I decided to play with a butcher knife pretending to cut myself and so my brother Robert got all pissed off. I watched Pawn Stars for a little bit and then I went into my brother's William and Edward's room and played the computer while my brother Edward is watching House(which I am doing right now.)


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is at his Dad's house. I did something horrible.
til the spirit new sensation takes oh, then you know!
is at his sister Heather's house!:D



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