Stuck on inquisition. Can't decide if I want to be female elf or dwarf.
I'd do anything for Marvel vs Capcom 4 ;_;

Yeah, I'd feel ripped off if I got the previous 2 for that price. read more

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I just can't get into any of these Telltale games..
Neither can consoles/pc. read more

Got Dragon Age for $20. I feel happy.

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I've enjoyed every installment in this series (maybe less so DMC2), so don't get the...
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"it's a great action game with its own distinct atmosphere"

In other words, it was a...
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I'll admit, I would buy an Olimar and Bowser Jr. Amiibo. Maybe a bowser Amiibo to compliment... read more

Time to make custom levels that look suspiciously like certain body parts that are blocked from this site. read more

Little Big Planet 3 is actually....good. Nice work Sumo. Also its adorable as *bleep*.

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This game few completely under my radar but looks absolutely...
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Any good reviews on this? All this hype makes me interested and it being pixel art instead of... read more

I really want to finish my amazing femshep story but...but ME3 =/

some hilarious shit going on for PC users with this patch. Don't update!

Lest you want everyone to suffer from leprosy. read more

This game few completely under my radar but looks absolutely fantastic. There is decision making?
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I would like to do in-depth "reviews" (more like analysis) of games such as RE4v5, Platinum games,... read more

I'm thinking of starting my own video blog
Resident Evil HD comes out the day after my birthday. Thanks Konami!