Buys DragonBall Z fighting game to spend hours playing dress up as a namekian

Technically bluexy is right. Borderlands the pre-sequel is both borderlands 2 and borderlands 1 as... read more

*sits patiently*
Next E3. Next E3 for sure.
*sits patiently* read more

noooo I lost my chris avatar! D:

Free content alongside paid content and full mod support (for pc) is like the best way you can go... read more

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quote Duncan Idaho
wait, what, what shit they pulled on one of...
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Eurogamer drops review scores! Neoseeker take note!
Rogue Legacy is super addicting. Get it and play it.

How can such a beautiful world be inhabited by such ugly people? Here's hoping the character creator doesn't suck. read more

1k in the bank and no income. Feels bad man :(

Is this some sort of 3d platformer that harkens back to the mascot days of PSX and earlier? Oh my god I must have this. read more

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Harry who?
Harry Houdini of course. read more

Hmm...not sure how I feel about shameless self promotion but if I don't market my newfangled gaming company who will?

I have no idea how I should feel about this but if there are plenty of monsters to kill, that same... read more

bluexy so what your saying is Resident Evil Remake is going to win GOTY again this year?

Awesome. read more