noooo I lost my chris avatar! D:
Eurogamer drops review scores! Neoseeker take note!
Rogue Legacy is super addicting. Get it and play it.
1k in the bank and no income. Feels bad man :(
Hmm...not sure how I feel about shameless self promotion but if I don't market my newfangled gaming company who will?
Creative Assembly should do Resident Evil 3 remake next.
Fires up Resdient Evil Remake HD. 5 hours gone like that and it still holds up beautifully.
How do you get the 10% discount psn code for the US? Resident Evil HD REmaster Platforms: PS4/Xbox One/PS3/360/PC Rele

Yo bluexy put me on the community spotlight. It'll be a top 80 list.
Holy crap, Michiko to Hatchin nearly made me cry tears. Damn that show was so much fun.
Now Alien is a horror game. Holy moly pants on foly!
Another day without my new PS4 toy ;_;
Stuck on inquisition. Can't decide if I want to be female elf or dwarf.
I'd do anything for Marvel vs Capcom 4 ;_;
Got Dragon Age for $20. I feel happy.
Little Big Planet 3 is actually....good. Nice work Sumo. Also its adorable as *bleep*.
I really want to finish my amazing femshep story but...but ME3 =/
I'm thinking of starting my own video blog

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