DedValve shared a forum thread
Jul 12, 15 5:28pm RIP Iwata, I will forever miss your vibrant personality and your amazing

Jul 12, 15 5:27pm
Nintendo....You will carry on. A big piece of you is gone but you will carry on. I salute you Mr Iwata. You brought unparalleled joy.
Jul 11, 15 11:53am
Nintendo should just delete Samus and ZSS and replace them with chibi federation force units to end this nonsense once and for all.
Jul 09, 15 10:10am
So goty contendor came out of the left field. Rocket League is ready to receive its crown.
Jun 27, 15 5:25am
Time to mod Vergil to give him a rainbow trenchoat. swag
Jun 16, 15 5:32pm
No Metal Gear Rising 2 but Transformers and Star Fox is more than enough. Gimme gimme gimme.
Jun 16, 15 3:37pm
Sony just announced they are funding Shenmue 3. They came to that decision faster than a Shenmue on Kickstarter.
Jun 15, 15 8:35pm
Seeing people hate on no mans sky is heartbreaking :(
Jun 15, 15 8:23pm
What the *bleep* happened this E3? What are all these vaporware games doing actually existing? Whats next Half Life 3?!?
Jun 13, 15 8:56am
Ryu and Roy leaked. Goku's reveal at E3 still imminent.
Jun 09, 15 2:37pm
Hey atlus. Persona Arena WiggleMax. featuring P5 characters. Kthnx now release it dammit.
Jun 06, 15 6:56am
what are your thoughts on diversity in gaming?
DedValve shared a forum thread
Jun 06, 15 6:22am

Long title but I wanted to be as upfront and descriptive as possible. The past few years there seems to be a louder and l

May 30, 15 9:10am
t-minus 17 days until bluexy cries tears of joy of Half Life City Run
May 25, 15 9:16pm
Anyone encounter a glitch where the cursor in SMG2 flashes and is super laggy? Makes the game unplayable :(
May 22, 15 1:05pm
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan God Super God Saiyan Super Vegeta for Smash. Pls Sakurai.
May 20, 15 2:01pm
thanks to anyone who was able to watch my super rough first stream! I'm hoping to keep doing updates
May 20, 15 12:26pm
twitch stream is up!
May 20, 15 9:31am
Im out of creativity and will let YOU the community decide the fate of my game. I shall begin a twitch stream later today!

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