Jun 16, 16 12:51pm
Fair Well
DedValve shared a video from
Jun 16, 16 12:45pm
The end:
Jun 16, 16 9:59am
Im a pacifist for all the wrong reasons. Cowardice and spineless. I'll die like the rest of 'em even though I wished I'd retaliate.
Jun 16, 16 9:27am
Fa_gs of america dont roll over! take guns and shoot 'em all! DEAD DEAD DEAD
Jun 15, 16 7:41pm
Konami took Silent Hills away from me so Deaths Stranding will be the first game I pre-order in years.
DedValve shared a forum thread
Jun 15, 16 7:29pm

Neoseeker is no longer the safe place it used to be for me but it was once a safe place. Originally typed this up in loungin&

DedValve shared a forum thread
Jun 5, 16 12:09pm

Anybody playing the free open beta? This game is a looker, textures are amazing and the atmosphere is intense. Its really

Jun 3, 16 8:00pm
Tomorow children open beta is out. Anyone want to build a town together?
May 20, 16 3:54pm
TIL I can like my own posts. *goes through post history*
May 20, 16 12:24pm
May 19, 16 4:46am
New quickchat options for Rocket League. Unfortunately "stay salty" is not one of them.
May 18, 16 11:19am
Everyone vote for Neoseeker to be the new Android N name.
May 12, 16 5:50am
Overwatch beta is over. What do now?
Apr 20, 16 9:56am
somebody make a game where your a guy on a bus trying to ogle other guys without getting noticed.
Apr 6, 16 11:48am
In a depressing realization - people call for a trans character to be removed but scream censorship when a 13 yo girl has to put clothes on
Apr 4, 16 8:08pm
SFV experience in a nutshell - "Searching for player".
Apr 4, 16 8:06pm
I sit here besides myself as I realize that Nintendo, NINTENDO has released a more robust fighter than Capcom x Sony. Chandelure eats tears.
Mar 29, 16 11:44am
L4D2 is now backwards compatible on Xbox one. Now I finally have a reason to go out and get friends! Please friend me everyone!
Mar 27, 16 1:25pm
1 reason Fallout 3 is better than Fallout 4...
DedValve shared a forum thread
Mar 23, 16 11:55am

Reeaaallly wish this game had a record feature like Smash and Mario Kart. It'd be so great to see some of your matches.

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