Persona 4 Arena Ultimate Suplex Husbando Edition! Grab your husbando by the balls today!
man the 2.5D levels of Galaxy are glorious. Why can't the NSMB series look this lively?
Just got Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the mail. First time playing it. I can't wait to mount Yoshi and ride him!
EU has a sick PSN deal going on, all RE (minus RE4), almost all Dynasty Warriors and almost all FF games on sale including other J titles.
Oh man, if you have a strong stomach and love for a great story Crossed: Wish you where here is not for the weak but is super good.
Official. Platinum is to Attack on Titan like Cheese is to Double Pretzel Bacon Apple Cheesburger from burger king.
It looks like Attack on Titan isn't as good as the hype led me to believe. ITS BETTER.
EA has our favorite IP's held hostage! Who can save them!?
New Super Mario Bros really needs a better artstyle. The platforming is solid but it looks SO UGLY. Ugh.
So EA ruined the sims 4. Bravo EA. Yet another franchised destroyed.
PSA Shin Megami Tensei IV is $20 on Amazon!
PSA: Shin Megami Tensei IV is $20 on Amazon!
GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. I JUST HAD AN IDEA. Ant Simulator 2015 Redux. Season pass includes fire ants.
Give me a C! Give me a U! Give me an N! Now give me a T! What does that spell! INTERNET! YAY!
why are there so many *bleep* online?
got banned from neogaf again. This time for posting a real link and the mod thought it was fake. Guess you can't fight bans huh?
*bleep* why do HIV tests say NON REACTIVE instead of Negative? The *bleep* does that even mean?
I have 12 ender pearls and have devised a most satisfying end for the ender dragon.

Seriously just type crossed in google image and look at the first picture. Thats enough to tell you what this is about (which

Is it me or is every other week on XBL another freaking Rockstar sale? I'm tired of Rockstar sales!

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