Apr 20, 16 9:56am
somebody make a game where your a guy on a bus trying to ogle other guys without getting noticed.
Apr 06, 16 11:48am
In a depressing realization - people call for a trans character to be removed but scream censorship when a 13 yo girl has to put clothes on
Apr 04, 16 8:08pm
SFV experience in a nutshell - "Searching for player".
Apr 04, 16 8:06pm
I sit here besides myself as I realize that Nintendo, NINTENDO has released a more robust fighter than Capcom x Sony. Chandelure eats tears.
Mar 29, 16 11:44am
L4D2 is now backwards compatible on Xbox one. Now I finally have a reason to go out and get friends! Please friend me everyone!
Mar 27, 16 1:25pm
1 reason Fallout 3 is better than Fallout 4...
DedValve shared a forum thread
Mar 23, 16 11:55am

Reeaaallly wish this game had a record feature like Smash and Mario Kart. It'd be so great to see some of your matches.

Mar 22, 16 10:58am
punk ass bitches, fight my chandelure on pokken and despair!
Feb 26, 16 6:11pm
I'm gonna go completely blind on the new pokemon game but do wake me if Mega Ninetales gets announced.
DedValve shared a forum thread
Feb 21, 16 4:36pm

Fighting games are notorious for being very difficult to get into. One of the major reasons for that, besides the input barri

Feb 06, 16 2:51pm
Lets Dance Boys! Fight me on smash if you want to touch me~
Jan 12, 16 4:36pm
And now I have been nerfed. Bet you still can't touch me. demoted
Jan 07, 16 9:53am
We played hide and seek in waterfalls, we were youngeeerrrrr, we were youngeerrrrrrrrr
DedValve shared a forum thread
Jan 07, 16 9:46am

Your in a similar position to Mikami and Resident Evil 4. If 7 isn't good then the series is toast. What do you do? R

Jan 07, 16 8:44am
Life is strange is sooooooo gooooooood. This is my GOTY.
DedValve shared a forum thread
Jan 07, 16 8:42am

Lets continue the trend of somehow keeping this forum on life support. GG guys. I played life is strange. I will express

Oct 19, 15 11:03am
New Idea: Platinum HD collection. Vanquish, Max Anarchy, Bayonetta 1 & Metal Gear Rising. Pls do this. Pls.
Oct 16, 15 4:54pm
Updated my twitter, follow me davidelproducer Also have the most perfect idea for nanowrimo...
Sep 27, 15 6:41am
Junji Ito was going to be on Silent Hills. This phantom pain will linger forever.
Sep 18, 15 5:31am
In my restless dreams I see that company, Konami. You'd promise you'd take me back there some day....but you never did.

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