Ditnopota Deception
Oct 1, 10 7:42pm
When I first arrived at the SHS Forum, I didn't like you, Evolution, Ajax, Existence, or Prowl whatsoever. I thought all of you were crazy-ass people that would irk me every time I talked to you. Well, it wasn't as true for Ajax, Evolution, Existence, or Prowl, but you however, are a different story . Nah, in all seriousness, you've been a damn cool person since I've talked to you, and it's an honor to be considered your friend . Now all we need to do is mod a forum together so that we can slowly take over Neoseeker and make assless chaps mandatory [for the male users at least ]...
KujasSilverDragon Deception
Mar 10, 08 5:02pm
Hows it going buddy? Good to see more Resident Evil thirsty members in the forum again. God that game is going to own - anyway, I'll see you around the forum.

Yeah, I have no stamps - but fear not, you'll be stamped by the time RE5 comes out.