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Feb 20, 09 3:23am

A more personal post should be coming soon, but I'm on my PDA at the moment.
    Skate.neoseeker (Skate 2)
  • Trophy/Achievement lists
  • Character Pages
  • Mission Pages
  • Location Pages
  • Super Mario World - custom level hacking
  • Show off your gear photo shoot (gallery.neo)
That's all for now, I really should be paying attention in circuits lecture. :(

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Dec 15, 08 9:34pm

Stemming from my Previous todo list - of which I did get quite a bit done, albeit more of the miscellaneous stuff, but still... Here's my intended todo list for the end of the year.
    Advance Wars Wiki
  • Finish several CO pages from the original Advance Wars
  • Properly categorize the COs into their proper subcategories.
    Fable Wiki
  • Develop Several Fable II Templates ({{Misc Items}} - to be used for Misc, Books & Docs, Augments, Furniture, {{Food}}, {{Potions}}, {{Gifts}}, {{Trophy}}, {{Dye}}.
  • Make/Modify Weapon Template for Fable II Melee Weapons
  • Develop Weapon Template for Fable II Ranged Weapons
    Digimon Wiki
  • Meet with Galacticdramon and go over priority list for Digimon Profile Pages, and create/work on said pages

Those are my specific goals for now, I'm sure more things will come into the pipe, and I will have my hands full else where with other miscellaneous tasks as well as day-to-day activity, but regardless...

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Dec 10, 08 4:39am

Neoforums might feel a little lonely now-a-days, especially with the NeoWikis and NeoBlogs getting all the attention. (Sucks when you aren't the baby in the family anymore and have to grow up) What better way to cheer them up than to include them in the wikis!

You might not all be familiar with the < neoforum > tag, but it is an extremely useful bit of code.

By utilizing it in such a manner as:

(Where FORUMID is the number after /forums/, for example this forum is 39502) can display the 10 most recent threads in a games respective forum.

Now this may not be a big deal for the older games, but for games from the current generation and their predecessors who have active communities and discussions certainly would benefit from such implementation.

There are a few ways to do this. If you look here, you will note that I opted to add another field to the game's infobox to include the "Recent Forum Threads".

This method could become problematic for games that are multiplatform, but I'm sure you can all think of something.

You are not limited to adding it to the infobox, that was just a suggestion. Be creative. Float another table underneath the infobox, or box art, add a separate heading section for them if you like, however you and your team feel like incorporating it, and further integrating your game pages with their respective neoseeker profiles.

Keep up the great work everyone!

Your friendly neighborhood Wiki Admin,

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Dec 2, 08 10:51pm

The work I intend on getting done hopefully this week on the wikis.
    Advance Wars Wiki
  • Upload CO Avatars for the original Advance Wars
  • Finish several CO pages from the original Advance Wars
  • Comission help from previous members of the AW community here on Neoseeker (skythelegend, jondog, dbzmaster, etc...)
  • Properly categorize the COs into their proper subcategories.
    Fable Wiki
  • Reinstall Fable: The Lost Chapters on my desktop - play a bit and get weapon stats/info, clothing stats/info, a bit more mission info.
  • Develop a Weapon/Clothing Stats Template
  • Create the Bowerstone Market
  • Create a list of Quests in Fable II
    Digimon Wiki
  • Try to knock out as many Digimon Profile Pages off of the wanted list as possible.
  • Commission GalacticDramon to take some time away from Sonic to assist me :P
    Guitar Hero Wiki
  • Give it some LONG overdue attention.
  • Contact my previous staff members- commission their assistance - if not start removing members for inactivity.

And then the work I would like to see accomplished on other wikis I am less involved with.
  • Meet with Rome to go over the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, see what needs to be done, and where I can help.
  • Properly categorize the James Bond Wiki - take a pulse on it - see the direction it is going.
  • Get all the game pages created on the Suikoden Wiki. Set them up properly with infoboxes and neotabs.
  • Get all the game pages created and set up on the Tales Wiki, include neotabs, and infobox (the latter depending on the staff's opinion.
  • Add achievement avatars to the Gears of War 2 Achievements

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Nov 26, 08 11:50pm

I've been kicking around different ideas to try to help gain some more popularity and exposure outside of Neoseeker for our wikis, and so far this is one of the better ones.

I think it would be a good idea if everyone added their respective wikis to StumbleUpon. (about) If you are currently not part of a wiki team, then feel free to float around and see what you can add on your own ;)

In FireFox, it is as simple as using the StumbleUpon Toolbar Extension [Firefox|IE (IE Alt)], and selecting the "I like it!" thumbs up icon () when you are on the wiki page.

You should then be asked to fill out a brief description/review which would be something to the extent of "A Comprehensive wiki dedicated to the SERIES NAME series on Neoseeker that anyone can edit!"

Then categorize as Video Games (or TV for some) and throw on a bunch of tags.

If the wiki has already been added, you will just rate the page and not be required to fill out anything. (How simple is that?!)

Eventually I would like to try to get some more of the content pages added to SU, but for now just a direct link to the main page should suffice. But in the near future (or now for some) I feel we should be ready to unleash some of the more hefty pages onto the net as well.

By doing this - any of the 6.5 Million or so users will be able to navigate randomly to our pages with the click of a button (a little less than random if tagged properly and they share a common interest)

So get out there guys, and increase our exposure! Soon we shall rule the world! (well maybe not, but a guy can dream right?)

Your friendly neighborhood Wiki Admin,

PS- I am listed as deathsythe212 on there, feel free to add me, if you like - make a mention of neoseeker or your username so I don't get confused though :P.

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Nov 26, 08 4:10am

Obligatory FIRST!
(...Non-Staff Post)

Well it is finally here, Blogs.Neo.

Sigh, I remember it like it was yesterday when tekmosis asked me to help him beta test it because he sucks at coding I have a knack for detail and compile 50 page reports detailing every bug and error possible. (sans cover sheet of course)

I guess I would like to take this time to introduce myself: I'm Deathsythe, I often go by Death, Deathy, DS, or even Deathscythe.

I've been on neo for a very long time. Seen a lot of things, made a lot of friends, contributed my share.

To date I have been involved in many different projects, I am currently a Wiki Admin and a GameGrep Approver.

If you are involved in the new neowiki system, or if you haven't been under a rock for the past few months, you probably have seen my work on one of the wikis, just look to any main page.

Previously I have moderated the Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and Digimon World forums. I shall return to moderating when the time is right and when I am needed. But my main focus has shifted away from gaming and onto the site itself. You have probably seen my suggestions, bug reports, and general day to day activities around the site to try to make it a better place.

Feel free to message me with any questions related to anything. I always try to be helpful :)

I don't have to much else to say for now, but watch this space for updates, I may even edit this post later to include some more.

Shout outs: (in no particular order)
tekmosis <3, Avalith <3, Krunal <3, Redemption, Dinosoid (Semper Fi my brother), Rome, Koloth, Akira_EX, and anyone else I missed I'm sorry.

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Jan 18, 07 5:46pm
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