Synik DeathKnight
Mar 7, 07 3:51am
Those Xbox kids still don't know what they are missing.

Good to see an old face come out of the shadows. Catch you around.
Acumen 989 DeathKnight
Jan 16, 05 6:30am
Yeah, she's real
aDEFt DeathKnight
Feb 5, 04 5:58am
Have fun being retired from doing Moderator Requests. It had to be a huge job for you to do alone and lasting 5 months there is longer than most people would ever last. Go back to modding, you must hold the record for most temporary moderator jobs on neoseeker.

Those Xbox kids don't know what they're missing.
Jeevan DeathKnight
Jan 13, 04 1:28am
Excuse me, but i didn't recieve replies:
    Dear Mrs Mondtorator Reqeusts,
    This is one the subject of mondtorating. Hello!!!1 Can i be one and how do i Become on? Thanking you in advance (oh and that reminds me. Can I mondtorate Gmaeboy Advance?),

    Aspiritng Moderator
Hello? i have ?s 4 u?

Hehe, thanks for all your work around the site man and apologies for spamming up your guestbook. But, if it's any consolation, if anyone deserves cool spamming in their guestbook for doing a lot for the site, I think it would be you. However, I don't know if that's a good thing or not =D
DrFred DeathKnight
Oct 6, 03 5:46am
Hey Deathknight,

I've only recently gotten to know you, but I can say without reservation that you definitely have your shite together.^-^ Not only for landing one of the most important jobs in the moderator community, but for being a decent guy while doing it. Your thoughts and insights are always welcome in my inbox, and your representation of the site is top-notch. I look forward to our discussions to come.;-)

All the best,
-The Doc
Section 9 DeathKnight
May 28, 03 5:42am
You're not worth 4 pages of signing, there must be some plot going on here. You're no good, you suck. Too many people are saying too many nice things about this guy. All propaganda I tell you!! You gotta watch yourself with this DeathKnight junky, he's sneaky and devious.
Kitta DeathKnight
Mar 1, 03 7:19pm
I can't believe I haven't signed this yet! Oh well, I am now...

You are such a cool person and a really good member. I love talking to you through PM (almost at 1000 ) and I hope you stick around for a long time. See you in Philly!

A little something for you
Slacker DeathKnight
Feb 25, 03 5:33am
Damn, I can't believe that I haven't signed this yet! Oh well, its a problem that can be easily remedied... Its good to have a relative newcomer like you in Loungin' that isn't a spam happy kiddie or an extreme memberator like so many of the people that are there nowadays. Keep it up dude, we could use more people like you there...


Hehe, talk to you later dude, and take care...

Shadowslayer DeathKnight
Nov 18, 02 4:34am
No one's signed this so I'll be nice to you. Greetings from Shadowslayer. Btw, you need an avatar, pick one up, and a banner wouldn't hurt, you lazy bum.