thew00tlander Deakin69
Apr 16, 10 2:47pm
but he sure as hell wasn't 22 in 2010. ever heard of him? likes to edit photos? fan of britney spears? had a wife and kid last i checked and worked on websites...
Whitt Deakin69
Dec 22, 05 5:38am
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From Whitt
scavis Deakin69
Oct 19, 05 11:23pm
Yo though id sign ya guest book. How do i put in hyperlinks? I have trouble. Hope you sign my guestbook, if you do, tell me how to use hyperlinks.
J Villeneuve Deakin69
Dec 20, 04 1:35am
gazzaman Deakin69
Oct 28, 04 1:28am
hi. first to sign your guestbook. also i added you to my msn. bye just to fill the space fbnmvlkbnglkjokhnbm m vnnmkvgbnb