Well, i've lived my life as normal as any other kid, going to school each day... I'm no big fan of school, but I love learning.
It's a big school, near a 1000 students, can't wait to get out of it though, and move on to University... in England probably.

I started playing basketball at a young age, and i'm awesome at skills now :)
There's a local basketball club in my town, and me and two of my friends go there every wednesday.

Found NeoSeeker recently, and love it. So many people to meet, and confer with.

I'm a friendly guy, so feel free to randomly PM me, or if you need help, i'm always here.

See y'all :)


I'm really into computers, been learning the basics of Computer Security, and Malware Protection, online-

Basketball is another favourite of mine, we play it often up at my mate's house. (I always win of course :D).

Learning is up my street too, I love learning, anything... basically. Gaining knowledge is the most wonderful thing in the world. ;)


.:: Dreams Can Come True ::.
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