Hey man, it's Sam. How you been dawg?

I took your advice and got an account on here. Hope we can chat.

~Cobra RT

Hey Dead Assassin, what's up! Yeah, Neo just isn't inticing enough to keep bringing me back everyday. But I get on sometimes (when I remember) to check my PM's and post a couple of time while I'm here.

Chyeah made this ages ago and now its your turn to have it
They are all to blurry.
Plus, if you want a good sig stamp, ask me. ;D

Nah, I don't know lol. I haven't been on here that much.

I've been good, you? Crap, they made the minimum limit one hundred and twenty five characters? Gah, that's stupid...
Consider me a new regular, haha!

No sexy stamps from me though, unfortunately, but others will make up for that.
Thanks for signing my guestbook, in return i grant you one sexy stamp

Hey Dead Assassin hope your forum is going well and that your second site is to... I'll keep posting and we can defeat those hackers!! LOL!!
And here is your final stamp.

You can no longer stamp me. Thanks for playing.
And here are your last 2 Stamps.

Hope you like it.
What's up? I'm not really sure how to put a stamp, but I'll just sign it because you asked. Anyway, here it is. I'll see you around neoseeker.
Sup man.

Lol sorry I don't have two stamps, but I do have one I made.

And one funny pic to boot. (Maybe Sereph would like this. )

See ya around the forums.
Someone told me to sign, i don't know who it was.

Anyway, are you the guy who likes my signatures, only i'm wondering why someone i don't know i'm in their friends list.

Anyway, i love you.

Sign back babes.,

And now for your fourth stamp.

I hope you like it. You can still stamp me one more time to earn 2 more stamps.
As promised your third stamp.

I hope you like it.

And here is your 2nd stamp.

Feel free to stamp mine some more.
As promised here are your stamps.

Hope you like them.
Waazzuupp!? SlipKnoT rules!!! u r da c00lezt!! yaa I'm feelN random, but yaaaa.. there, signed!!! =D

Whats up man, just stopping by to give you a stamp.

I am here to sign your guest guestbook. You told me to, so I is just doing that.Is that all? No? Well this might work fgergergerger