Here is the 2005 home edition of deabeat64!
Deabeat's neohome

Here are pics of my fav wrestlers:
Chris Benoit

The Rock

The Undertaker

Stone Cold

Kurt Angle


Shawn Michaels

List of my neofriends:

-Chococat277: She's a nice chick. She's funny and we spend a lot of time talking. We keep debating about whether Randy Orton is this or that. I piss her off about Orton, but she can't piss me off... hehe. In overall, she's nice. We also argue about if Cena has talent or not. And you know who always wins... I hope we can get married as soon as 2p4e gers ready...

-Larger Than Life/MTN/STB/Sheldon Benjamin/Undisputed/Metalingus/New Breed/The British Bulldog: The guy is cool. We talk often on MSN. I like the way he is and the way he thinks :_devil:. He's really a nice dude. Except I hate what he thinks about Canada. >_<

-The Doctor: A cool guy. We don't talk often but we hold a nice relationship.

-2pac4ever: He's a funny dude. Even though he can get annoying sometimes. Pretty annoying. Sometimes he just talks too much. I keep waiting when he's ready to be the priest for my wedding.

-Dman2189: He's a funny awkward guy. He says the most random shit, but he's still cool when he wants to be. And now he's trying to prove he's not a n00b anymore. Good luck, Dman.

-DMW: Funny guy. He rocks and he's good at GFX. He makes good jokes sometimes. He's a great RPer and I hope I'll beat him one day.

-bbiel182: This guy is awkward. Awkward and funny. We talk often and he makes funny jokes.
I'll update the neohome some other day.