I trust no one, these stupid people are too deceitful
and how they gonna put "in god we trust" on the root of evil
they say we're created the same, but we'll never be truly equal
Cuz the laws that make progress are the laws they choose to veto
Instead they pass laws so everything we do is illegal
They wanna get me usin' needles, never that, these dudes are feeble
So I'm true to street code, yo, im out to get this pay
Bruisin' egos, your heads too big, its bound to catch a stray
Take a look into these eyes, bloodshot from the dro'
Gun cocked, so you know the fun stops if its shown
*bleep* cops is the code, pump rocks is the goal
Like some fullbacks how we run blocks for the dough
so until my freedom is won, i believe in a gun
And I ain't trigger shy, you pussies got a reason to run
i'm stone cold to the soul till my breathin' is done
and i guarantee this last sixteen is leavin' 'em stunned


Super Mario Strikers Charged - 472559 927795

"BRAWWWWLLLINN'" 4382-1742-8697




Down Down Down...
The sky keeps on fallin' ..
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