Ragnell De Fault
Jun 15, 08 10:15pm

aww defeated in the first round.

Pika is uber leet
stabbedbyahippie De Fault
Jun 6, 08 1:16pm
Keep up the good work default and you can even see my super special awsome stamp

I make do with what I can default

CardCaptor Sakura De Fault
May 23, 08 3:28am
Keep up the good graphics ;3

Talk to you later!
Lute Pwns All De Fault
May 13, 08 7:58am
4th to get stamped by my pwntastic stamp

made it maself

CardCaptor Sakura De Fault
May 6, 08 4:40am
Hiya Jake!

Keep up the good graphics. And that kitty banner is win!

.:: Stamped By Kia ::.
CardCaptor Sakura De Fault
Apr 30, 08 6:51am
Hope to talked to you on msn more!

~Love Kia

Kenshuma De Fault
Apr 17, 08 12:20pm
I love all the things you made for us. Really appreciate it

Lute Pwns All De Fault
Mar 20, 08 4:40am
Hola, thanks for the stamp... here it is again!!!

enjoy your own glory!
onilink79 De Fault
Mar 1, 08 11:49am

I'm your first sig! When you get Brawl, I hope you'll consider joining the Frost Fire crew. We'd love to have you!