Aug 22, 13 10:32am
Gone like a dream
Jan 7, 12 12:40pm
I'll visit at least once a month now. :D I <3 Neo~
Dec 20, 11 8:34pm
Why do I always come back around the same time every year? @__@ Merry Christmas, everyone! :D
Dec 14, 10 2:57am
Aug 12, 10 4:39pm
Neo's not as fun as it was... D: I'll come back occasionally, especially when Tales games come out.
Apr 1, 10 9:37pm
is temporarily back. :D
Dec 31, 09 10:33pm
has left Neo. D:
Jul 30, 09 5:08pm
Woah, this like twitter! X3
Daydreaming blogged
Jun 29, 09 11:49pm

    This school year officially over for me! ^^;
    It doesn't feel like it, though. It sort of feels like I still have school tomorrow...

    I'm going to miss my friends and the great times I've had this year. :3 There were ups, and downs and accomplishments for me!

    This year I've ended up with an 86.13 average, two school awards for Math and one school award for Science ( YESH!! ), Art, Religion, Humanities and I made the honor roll twice. =D

musingsthoughts school
Daydreaming blogged
May 31, 09 9:45pm

    Happy Birthday to me! =D
    I thought I'd have several easy riddles this time since it's my Birthday. :3

    Riddle #1 :
    What get shorter the longer it grows?

    Riddle #2:
    Hardly a day passes without seeing me.
    I am disposable but not easy to replace.
    Sometimes I become a source of knowledge.
    Sometimes I become more powerful than a man.
    Sometimes I am more valuable than gold,
    while at other times I am more worthless than sand.
    Who am I?

    Riddle #3:
    What get hungrier the more it eats?

riddle other
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