Nov 21, 15 1:00pm
Nov 04, 15 12:33pm
prison school > death note
Dayami shared a forum thread
Oct 08, 15 11:23am

i got A+ why do u think it is? for me personally i dont want my penis to be seen and see othe

Dayami shared a forum thread
Oct 04, 15 2:03pm

verdict; i thought it was ok... enjoyed quite a bit of it and some cutscenes were really funny, like the one where jimmy tea

Dayami shared a forum thread
Sep 28, 15 9:28am

only a little though, and it's salty, and it's gone. i hope they find aliens

Dayami shared a link from
Sep 22, 15 3:18pm
look at my nuts

Creating your own Peanuts avatar is easy! Choose your character's gender, hair, clothes, accessories and more to make your very own Peanutized persona, then share it with the world.

Dayami shared a forum thread
Sep 22, 15 3:15pm

ive heard shares to the company have plummeted, also other car companies because of fear since vw has been caught cheating th

Dayami shared a forum thread
Sep 20, 15 11:10am

2 years i isolated myself from any gta v news or youtube video, i did well to avoid any spoilers until now, i was watching t

Sep 15, 15 2:36pm
googling "does spring airsoft gun hurt" before i shoot my bro with it
Dayami shared a forum thread
Aug 30, 15 1:29am

like one day u go to an office and ask them if they could kill you and they say yes then you die? for me i dont support it

Dayami shared a video from
Aug 26, 15 1:45pm
sorry to see a great country tear itself apart with home grown terrorism
Aug 23, 15 4:47pm
Aug 21, 15 11:54am
Aug 18, 15 4:32pm
tom bombadil is either a; (blue) genie, jesus, or gandalf's hat
Aug 18, 15 10:30am
currently reading fellowship, i imagine goldberry as luna lovegood's actress
Dayami shared a forum thread
Feb 15, 15 12:05pm

it's bee 4 years since i last changed my oil now i wanna do some maintnence again after a fuel injector replacement cost

Feb 03, 15 11:31am
ooohh gta v on steam's coming out on my birthday wink wink

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