merry new year hobbits
Stop over at abu dhabi for 5 hrs asked ppl for cigarette and this nice dude handed me half of his pack, dem rich arabs <3
Currently at airport.. Flight stewardesses are so sexay <3
free steam game; insurgency;
30 mins early for work lel

So far, I like most of the released ones.. Except the wild battle theme. Why? Because the trumpets are less prominent and i

do not smoke, it makes your lungs smaller realtalk
GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY - yess (*3*) 36/64/12 apparenly, i'm a 12 yr old man girl age is 10 years off. slightly offended by

Had a bad dream... Was in a zombie apocalypse armed with a knife ..
Almost hit another car cuz distracted by woman yogaing. Thot only happens in tv
attack on titan is a really good anime. i hope they continue making it.
macklemore's white!?
Just me or neo forums being moody?

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