I am a former Parkour runner, and a writer and I solve Ruik's cubes of various sizes in my spare time. I am also a very deep hearted Christian, and plan on going into the ministry and theology field, becoming a Lutheran Pastor.

My Avatar is my own personal logo. It is a cartoonified version of a complete skull, taken from a slightly angled view. I have had this logo ever since I started a rather gratuitous webcomic 4 years ago that lasted for about a week. I called it A Natural Tendency. I liked the image, and I tweaked it from it's original state and came up with this and fell in love with it.

"With success, come trials. With trials, success."


Religion [Christian, Lutheran], Writing, Travelling, Teaching, Music, Rubik's Cubes



-Khris Mattson
February 22, 1984- May 22, 2010

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