hey i got a new stamp hope u like

haha i hve another also
whats up hope you like the stamps ther are very simple my first one so hope you like and have fun with mew weeeee

Sup? you never go on neoseeker any more. oh well. Enjoy mt stamp!!!

[div align=center]Hey Dartfan, sorry for the super late sign back >.>

Anyway, I have seen you around the forums lately, oh well, stay...piratey like you always were...
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Heyyup! long time no see. I will be sure to post more in the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance forum sumore. Anyways, here is a Stampeh!

You gotta admit; a Winning Combo!
Thanks for the signing. Looks like the link in the banner really does work. Well, so I was looking in your profile and it looks like you like Naruto, DBZ, Pokemon, and obviously Fire Emblem. Awesome. Well, its been a while since I've really needed to sign, so I'll use a stamp I haven't used in a while. Enjoy:

Anyways, feel free to drop a PM anytime.
just wanted to sign, since I'm on a signing rampage.
thanks for the guestbook sighning so i am sighning yours

Hi Dart Fan!
Thanks for being a great friend on Neoseeker and keep up the posts! I'm beating you by one in the PoR forum!
Hey, Dart fan! Thanks for signing my Gustbook!

I'll stamp you again the next time I make a stamp.
Hey. Thanks, mate. That Ranger 1 guy was being stingy and deleted my 'spam' post. Oh well.

Too bad I don't have some crazy Path of Radiance stamp to give. Returning the favour,
Im The God Of All Saiyans But Friends Call Me GOAS Anyway Let Me Be The First To Sign GB.

Please Sign Mine.