Yrpsrk Dart fan
Mar 04, 08 5:59am
hey i got a new stamp hope u like

haha i hve another also
Yrpsrk Dart fan
Feb 25, 08 3:09am
whats up hope you like the stamps ther are very simple my first one so hope you like and have fun with mew weeeee

Assassin_Thief Dart fan
Dec 09, 07 2:53am
Sup? you never go on neoseeker any more. oh well. Enjoy mt stamp!!!

duker nuker Dart fan
Nov 06, 07 7:06am
[div align=center]Hey Dartfan, sorry for the super late sign back >.>

Anyway, I have seen you around the forums lately, oh well, stay...piratey like you always were...
Crystal Creation Dart fan
Oct 13, 07 7:54pm
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Crystal Creation Dart fan
May 04, 07 11:52pm
Heyyup! long time no see. I will be sure to post more in the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance forum sumore. Anyways, here is a Stampeh!

You gotta admit; a Winning Combo!
Tenshi Dart fan
Apr 14, 07 5:11pm
Thanks for the signing. Looks like the link in the banner really does work. Well, so I was looking in your profile and it looks like you like Naruto, DBZ, Pokemon, and obviously Fire Emblem. Awesome. Well, its been a while since I've really needed to sign, so I'll use a stamp I haven't used in a while. Enjoy:

Anyways, feel free to drop a PM anytime.
Dragon Dart fan
Feb 25, 07 3:50pm
just wanted to sign, since I'm on a signing rampage.
king rock Dart fan
Feb 03, 07 3:27am
thanks for the guestbook sighning so i am sighning yours

Simon the Nekonin Dart fan
Jan 26, 07 6:12am
Hi Dart Fan!
Thanks for being a great friend on Neoseeker and keep up the posts! I'm beating you by one in the PoR forum!
Taillow Dart fan
Jan 22, 07 12:57am
Hey, Dart fan! Thanks for signing my Gustbook!

I'll stamp you again the next time I make a stamp.
Tancuras Dart fan
Jan 21, 07 11:28pm
Hey. Thanks, mate. That Ranger 1 guy was being stingy and deleted my 'spam' post. Oh well.

Too bad I don't have some crazy Path of Radiance stamp to give. Returning the favour,
God of all saiyans Dart fan
Jan 05, 07 3:39pm
Im The God Of All Saiyans But Friends Call Me GOAS Anyway Let Me Be The First To Sign GB.

Please Sign Mine.