Last 10 Threads started by DarshD
Rumor: Current & next-gen only Assassin's Creed titles being developed for 2014 10 Dec 20, 2013
AC3: Impossible NY Pivot Kappa glitch SOLUTION!! 3 Nov 22, 2013
10 Terrifying Cases of Demonic Possession & Happy Halloween 2013! 4 Oct 31, 2013
Did A 'UFO' Hover Over Florida Pool? (VIDEO) by HUFFINGTON POST MIAMI 1 Aug 10, 2013
Capcom to Reveal Resident Evil 7 at E3 2013? BOXART LEAKED! 25 May 20, 2013
Capcom to Reveal Resident Evil 7 at E3 2013? BOXART LEAKED! 41 May 20, 2013
Arkham city will be closed loading screen & dialogues [PROOF] 1 Apr 06, 2013
Urban Legends- The Rake 8 Mar 28, 2013
Large asteroid heading to Earth? Pray, says NASA 73 Mar 21, 2013
Large asteroid heading to Earth? Pray, says NASA 4 Mar 21, 2013
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Does airport security x-ray coffins? 20 Jul 25, 2015
"Mini ice-age"? 6 Jul 20, 2015
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Just Cause 3 Collector's Edition Contents Announced 3 Jul 13, 2015
Zombies, independence day aliens and the creepy newer robots from I Robot have teamed up! 21 Jul 04, 2015
"Shit stick 3000" weapon 1 Jun 18, 2015
"From the office of Dr Isiah Friedlander" 3 Jun 18, 2015
New game released in Japan 11 Jun 09, 2015
How would your castle be like? 50 Jun 09, 2015
Get all your intel here. 9 May 29, 2015
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