Dreadlock Holiday DarshD
Feb 9, 13 4:23pm
Just stopping by to sign your guestbook, feel free sign mine as well.

See you around the forums!
Artirtico DarshD
Dec 25, 11 12:41am
haalyle DarshD
Sep 2, 11 12:33pm
I want to thank you for becoming my first friend on Neoseeker!
When I first logged on I thought no one would became my friend, but then there's you!
You are very well natured and you should be proud of that!
Because you are awesome, friendly, kind, funny etc!
You'll always be there for any one who needs you.
I would like to wish you luck in the future, and archive the goals you want to archive!
Because in my heart you are a good, more than that you are a great person.
But yeah.. Thank you for becoming a friend for me, I know I'll need you!
haalyle DarshD
Sep 2, 11 12:27pm
I want to thank you so much on becoming my first new friend on Neoseeker!
I'm so happy to have a good natured friend like you!
Keep up the good work, never let us down!
You'll always be the star in my eye at night.
Your awesome!
(Have I said too much?)
Quetzalcoatl DarshD
Mar 13, 11 11:20am
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Stitch DarshD
Dec 30, 10 8:47am
Thanks for the birthday concratulating, and also for signing my guestbook!

Fortitudo DarshD
Sep 11, 10 10:11am
Ive read your status and it seems that i can help you

Randome helped me a bit with my banner

I used a website called

mybannermaker.com which the size mine is would be custom but you have to pay $20 for that unfortunately so i did it in the size i wanted and i showed randome and Emaster MK my banner and told randome it was said he would resize it for me and he did

So yeah www.mybannermaker.com

Make one and ask randome POLITELY!!! He may do it

PM me back screw signing it again

I only PM again if i miss something out which i didnt
ryangroovy DarshD
Sep 5, 10 2:25pm
Ohai. I hope you enjoy this picture.

Fortitudo DarshD
Aug 31, 10 10:25pm
Thanks for helping me with J lomax i appreciate it

Nao sign mineeeeee!!!!!!!!

Your welcome says so

Its quite short so ill just send this

ItBeme_point_2 DarshD
Jun 12, 10 7:23am
Hehe can you guess who?
Got my comp at home up and running so itbeme is back and ready for business, well itbeme_point_2 is. Howz stuff going man? you managed to take care of the re4 forum i see, great work on that btw mate. anyways im gonna post a few things in the re4 forum, il see you there, respect.
NeoHoltsky DarshD
Mar 17, 10 6:06am
Well,technically you were a little late,but since you did:
You[re an awesome dude and a source of inspiration for me.Keep up the (I'm just going to make up a word here)perfecawesom work.
Skillet DarshD
Mar 15, 10 4:48am
Hey bro, just signing your guestbook like i promised. You're a very helpful person and one helluva awesome guy. Don't stop helping people out man. I'll see you around.
Ditnopota DarshD
Feb 18, 10 3:04pm
Hey, man, I just wanted to sign your guestbook because you're awesome in the RE4 forums .
I have to put over 125 characters, so I'll show you this awesome pic.

btw, the cake is a lie.
Randome DarshD
Nov 25, 09 6:26am
Thanks for helping whit Epsilon and thanks for being a friendly person.

quote The Truth
A map whit something missing, isn't a real map.

Keep listening to the trees!
Speed Demon DarshD
Nov 9, 09 4:06am
just signing you guestbook to tell you that keep up the good work in reviving the re4 forums and boy you are making me guilty with all that sorry messages , so why not put that thing behind us? and good luck in your exams!!!.........
ItBeMe DarshD
May 4, 09 12:19am
Hi, I think more people should singh yor guest book, I was gonna just say hi, but that little thingymajig told me that I have wright more otherwise it wont be entered!
Is that a pain or what!?
I dont reallly know what guest books are, so If this is just useless rambleing can someone please pm me or something, but you have to learn eventualy, otherwise you are just always going to be wondering whats happened. There almost done, I think you are a freindly person, so I added you to my freids list too, anywho thats that done!