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Mar 12, 09 4:36pm
True FULL HD GRAPHICS and GAMEPLAY! BEST graphics in Resident Evil series. Although Resident Evil 4's STORY IS BETTER than RE5... ResidentEvil5
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  • "My debut in online gaming happened thanks to it. Great action-horror title. ResidentEvil5"
    Luckywitness Jan 2, 13 9:06pm
  • "i played it its awesome ResidentEvil5"
    ezekyb Jun 11, 12 7:01pm
  • "The Resident Evil series is revamped once again to be more action oriented. That doesn't mean the game isn't fun though! Multiplayer! 8/10. ResidentEvil5"
    Soquid Snake Feb 18, 11 1:52pm
  • "relentless action and incredible graphics make for a classic 9/10 ResidentEvil5"
    thenotsogreatone Sep 27, 10 2:54am
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