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Sep 25, 13 1:14pm

GTA V rocks. My Special Edition unboxing here- Dilute Yeah, I'm loving it :D Have you got it too? Here's my unboxing of it- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTAMP2meTmM&feature=share&list=UUwQ8VO5dHvF5FYnyCctMv3A More videos to come.
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Jul 22, 12 3:36pm

Did you guys watch TDKR yet? I'm going to watch TDKR but not this early, I hate crowds who whistle, dance and scream in theaters :P

The firing at the Aurora, Colorado was an unfortunate tragedy that reminds us that the society still has people with twisted minds and no feelings for the very lives of others. I wish that the injured victims get well soon and I pray for the victims who were killed. I hope that their families get the strength to handle the loss of their loved ones. Such an unexpected event...

Among the injured were children, women and innocent people who didn't deserve it. There was a guy whose last tweet was- "This is going to be the BEST birthday ever" and then he was murdered by the psycho killer.I feel sad whenever I think about it.

President Obama has addressed this issue- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lBWtx4TuaY&feature=g-all-u

It's a good idea to check under seats around the seats for any bags containing explosives or stuff like that. Here, once a guy saved 400 people by spotting a bag which was hidden under a seat, it turned out that the bag contained a timed bomb. Terrorism is a big issue so is the insane people. So be careful, stay sharp & stay safe. it's good to be prepared.



Stay safe friends because I would be very sad if I ever lose you....Life is uncontrollable thus, I cannot guarantee my own life...Only we can leave that in the hands of our fate and God...

Be Vigilante. Be a true Hero. Like The Dark knight himself.
- DarshD

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Jan 26, 12 2:03pm

jbh Vollando Hurricarno 4 Aces Agent Mo Deception eql001

I just started playing Skyrim and this strange stuff happened. Is Alvor doing something dirty...? I guess he was stuck in walking animation but looked pretty suggestive and seemed like he was having a good time by playing with himself...No pun intended..All this is jokes but not a fake footage, you know, Skyrim was full of glitches before Patch 1.03, well, it still might be but less, we need 1.04 patch ASAP..Please :(

MORE CRAZY STUFF AT- YouTube.com/DarshanD93

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Jun 6, 11 5:36pm

Worst lose of a PSN account- 668 trophies, saves of 31 games. Sony need to improve this by allowing PSN sub-accounts play 18+ games on-line. Or make the sub-accounts upgradable when the person actually turns 18.

from this-

My old PSN sub-account-

To this-

My new PSN Master account-

My Father's PSN Master account-

According to Sony PSN rules, there are two types of PSN accounts-
  • Master Account (for 18+)
  • Sub-Account(for all unlucky under 18)
Now, when Sub-account buys anything does anything, Sony takes money from Master account. Also,
Those who has sub-account CAN NOT PLAY 18+ (Parental Control level 9) GAMES on-line.
Even if you have played them off-line for F***ing 2 years and got 668 trophies.

Second ridiculous thing is,
I had to create sub-account because I still have bloody 7 months (22 Dec 2011) to turn 18 yrs.
I thought sub-account can be upgraded to master account once I turn 18 yrs. in real life. But EVERY official PS Community forum says that you can't upgrade your sub-account to a master and ALL of your saves,trophies are stuck on that crappy sub-account and you won't be able to play any 18+ games on-line, thus, you won't be able to platinum many of them.

So, I enter my RE5:GOLD copy and it says "my PSN account does not have the permission to play on-line due to the Parental Control restrictions" I entered AC 2, GTA IV, RDR and all of my 18+ games (every PSN game I have is 18+ except Uncharted2) and still nothing.

So, I checked parental control through my dad's account and it's only about chat and there are no setting for control, THEN I searched and found the bloody truth about this PSN sub-account and Master account fiasco.

OK, you read this? I bet many of you won't reply but it's real, see the MANY sources-

Quick Question about PSN on Beyond3D

Sub account to master account issue on FaceBook

EU PSCommunity- Can I change sub to master?

EU PSCommunity- Can I change sub to master? Pg.2

EU PSCommunity- Can I change sub to master? Pg.3

EU PSCommunity- Upgrade from sub to Master PSN, possible?

So, please tell me what should I do? Calling Sony doesn't help according to the PS Community.
When I will be 18, will the sub-account allow me to play 18+ games, on-line?



So, nothing can be done about my old account and many say that sub accounts don't upgrade to Master accounts (Read the sources above). And thus, even if my DarshD93 account has many trophies, I won't be able to play on-line with it, so no on-line trophies for 18+ games and no plat for them.

I decided that I will not use my father's PSN. So, I created a new PSN with birth date which makes me 20 at the moment.

I've learned my lesson about Internet and forms but if anyone comes to you asking about PSN or XBL age related questions, please tell them to lie otherwise they'll lose everything like I did ;(.

Neoseeker and Neoseeker members were very helpful to me and I hope this new PSN ID does well. I still can't access PS Home but it's maybe because my Account is Indian. But, who cares, I can now play 18+ games on-line.

But Sony needs to make sub-accounts upgradable when the person turns 18. And this must be done in System Update soon.
Let's hope the Facebook group does something about this-

Please support and follow the Sub account to master account issue on FaceBook

Thanks everyone.

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Jun 6, 11 5:23pm

I got PS3 2 years ago but I got PSN and internet connection now, this year.

Because first of all, I was unable to find any ISPs(Internet Service Providers) who support High-Speed Internet connection. The reason is, many companies are moving into USB modem "On the Go internet connections"

So, it was real pain to get my PS3 and Xbox360 on-line.
And when I got a PSN on my current game account my all the gaming experience was gone thanks to the "Sub-account parental restrictions which do not allow playing 18+ games on-line. Thus, no on-line trophies and ultimately no platinum for those games."
Click Here to read the ful story of my old PSN..

and now I have to play games again to get the trophies. I enjoy playing some gameslike- The Godfather II, RDR, ACB again but some are really annoying because some trophies require more of a luck than skill ;(..

And how it killed my interest in gaming?

Simply because now I am getting a lot of PSN errors, I get disconnected from host of on-line games sometimes, there are no people playing in some great games like RDR, GTA IV etc., I can not access PS Home..

I lost interest in on-line gaming and I don't feel like buying any gaming consoles in future because getting on-line with a console is lot more harder than that with PC - ONE OF THE REASONS why PC gaming is still alive.
I say this cause, I was able to play HALO on-line with my USB Modem Dial-Up internet on my laptop but consoles does not support Dial Up Internet nor the USB Modems. The consoles are stuck in the outdated wired High-Speed Internet connections while High Speed USB Modems are available in the market.

I also got dumped by my Xbox360 when it got Red Ring Of Death and thus, I switched to PS3.

So, on consoles (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo etc.) nothing is clear, nothing is easy or simple.
But Everything needs money that's for sure...Including PC gaming.

So, I am closing this blog post with a hope that NGP, PS4 and Xbox Next would do better job of getting on-line, if they would be as complicated as PS3, Xbox360 and other consoles...Then I won't be buying them or their games...

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Mar 16, 10 4:54am

Hello, friends.
This is my first blog post, that's why I wanted to say what thing made me find Neoseeker.

It was holiday season when my parents and I went shopping. When I was in the store, I saw really attractive box of Resident Evil 4 (PC).So, I asked my mom and she bought it from the store.
I was excited to see a scary shadow of chainsaw weilding person with background of forest! I thought that game was something special.
But my PC was unable to play games by then. So, I had to buy Platinum version of PS2 (which was worth it :D )!

So, I putted the RE4 in my PS2 while my hands were shaking with fear!
The game started and I loved the cinematics.Gameplay was awesome too.

When the part village part came that had Dr.Salvatore I was stuck. The problem was, I wasn't killing any granados just was running from them!

But anyway, This was the reason I went to Google and searched "RE4 cheats". Then I accidentally clicked on Neoseeker link!

But I realised that I was visiting this site again & again! I felt like I found a Gold mine (and it is indeed!).

But Most importantly, I found great friends like- ItBeMe, AgentMo, SpeedDemon, Randome, Ditnopota, Skillet, Dragon7, NeoSkyHolts, imprisoned_butterfly and many more!

People in here are awesome and very friendly. ItBeMe was my first friend. And people in RE4 (PS2) forum are very friendly. Most of my friends are from RE4 forum.

All in all, I am here because of Resident Evil 4 game.I will be here because of the Resident Evil 4 Forum. Long live Neoseeker, Long live RE4 Forum!

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