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I hope that's not how the console egg shaped mega console o_0
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likes Ditnopota's status update: " come on down to the SHS everybody!"

I hope this thing also gets some cool custom theme support. Looking pretty good but the first thing that came into... read more

likes jbh's status update: "Concert was *bleep*ing insane, entire venue was like a mosh. Best event I've been to since Tiësto."

Sony invited people to watch their PS4 reveal and they didn't say that it was going to be PS4.
Ubisoft does the same... read more

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quote Polarity
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I know right.
Sony, slow down a little, remember what happened when PS3 was first on sale...
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I know how you feel man.
Give us a little bit of time, I know it's the future...but the future can wait.
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