Oct 10, 12 10:20am
Got RE6 yesterday, pic-http://bit.ly/OmPsrc check my unboxing on my channel (YT/DarshanD93)

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Intoxication Oct 10, 12
Is the game any good?
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DarshD Oct 10, 12
quote intoxication
Is the game any good?
It's a good blend of action and horror, it's full of content, does NOT require an online pass to play online, I think it's pretty worth it since it has around 40 hrs of gameplay time, plenty of replay value and no online pass required, so maybe borrow it off if you are not sure. Start with Leon's campaign which is the best campaign in the game. Also watch my unboxing vidoe whcih also features me dancing on Gangnam style lol- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiyI0Gw0oG0 Tell TripleDX about it too XD